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How to Apply for the Belgium Visitor Visa?

The European country Belgium is also known as the Kingdom of Belgium, and Its Capital is Brussels, which is the largest city of Belgium. The country is known for its cobbled streets and medieval buildings. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

You need to show some identification at the Belgium border if you plan on visiting the country. These are –

a) A valid passport – It should have at least three months' duration beyond the date that you plan to leave Belgium.

b) A visa - Acceptance of your Stay and visit to Belgium

You might also be asked for some extra documents depending on your reason to visit and also your case. A few Questions that you will be asked about your Belgium trip are –

  • What is the purpose of your visit to Belgium?
  • What is the duration of your Stay in Belgium?
  • Where do you plan to stay in the country?

Who needs a visa to enter Belgium?

You will have to apply for a Visa if you are visiting Belgium as –
  • A third world citizen that has not reached a liberalization agreement with the EU
  • A Third World citizen whose country has reached a liberalization agreement with Belgium but was rejected from entering Belgium

What types of Visa do your need before you enter Belgium?

If you have a short trip in mind for Belgium, then according to your purpose of visit, you can apply for a visa type. Some of the popular ones are –
  • Belgium Airport Transit - if you need to transit on of the Belgian airport to reach your travel destination outside of the Schengen area
  • Belgium Tourist visa – It is for people who wish to spend their vacation in Belgium or visit for sightseeing
  • Belgium visitor Visa – It is for foreigners who have their family or friends staying in Belgium, and they wish to pay them a visit
  • Belgium Business Visa – For those who wish to participate in activities related to business such as a conference or meeting in Belgium
  • Belgium Visa for Official visit – It is for delegations who are traveling to Belgium on an official Visit
  • Belgium visa for Medical reasons – If a person wants to travel to Belgium for medical care
  • Belgium Visa for Study – for those who wish to undertake a course that is for less than three months
  • Belgium Visa for Cultural Sports and Film Crew – It is for those who wish to attend a cultural or Sports event to attend.

What documents are required for a Belgium visitor Visa?

As per the Belgium requirements the documents needed for the Belgium visitor Visa are –
  • Proof of Finance that you will be able to handle the staying expenses and that you have at least € 95 for each day in Belgium. For this, you can share your Bank Statement.
  • The applicant should have Sponsorship proof that will cover your stay in Belgium.
  • A valid passport, Photograph, Identity card
  • Travel itinerary which will state your purpose of visit

How much time does it take to get a Belgium Visitor Visa?

The average tie of processing a Belgium Visitor Visa is up to 15 days. It is a normal situation case. However, in exceptional cases, it can also take around 30 – 45 days, and it will depend on how sensitive your case is.


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