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    How to apply for a Croatia Visitor Visa?

    Croatia is a European country and is located between central and Southeastern Europe, but it is not listed as a Schengen area country. However, it allows the bearers of the Uniform Visa ( C ) For multiple entries and is valid for all the Schengen Area member states. The applicants who wish to visit Croatia should remember that there is no Single-Entry Schengen visa valid for Croatia.

    On an ordinary Indian passport, the visa is available to visit Croatia, and the holder can stay in Croatia for up to 30 days. The US nationals don’t need a visa if they are traveling to Croatia for tourism or business, and they have less than 90 days within a 180-day period.

    The processing time for the Croatia Visitor Visa is two weeks and can be more as per the case expectations.

    What are the documents needed to apply for a Croatia Visitor visa?

    The list of documents as per the Croatia visitor Visa requirements are –
    • Visa application form filled in block letters and signed by the applicant
    • Two passport size photographs
    • A covering letter stating the purpose of your visit
    • Original passport of Six months validity and two blank pages
    • Company and Personal ITR for the last six months
    • Airline reservations
    • Tour Itinerary: Day to Day Itinerary
    • Overseas Travel insurance that should cover a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000

    What are the steps to apply for the Croatia Visitor visa?

    The applicant can take the following steps under the supervision of a reliable immigration consultant to meet the needs of a Visitor Visa.
    • Step 1 – Croatia Visitor visa application form
    • Step 2 – A valid passport / Travel document
    • Step 3 – Proof of health insurance covering the duration of stay
    • Step 4 – Proof of sufficient means to cover the stay
    • Step 5 - Any document that will support the Croatia Visa extension request


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