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    How to get a Visitor Visa in Estonia?

    Estonia is known for rocky beaches, vast forests, and many lakes. It was earlier a part of the Soviet Union and is currently ranked 38th in the world for a nominal GDP. It is a European member state, and it became a Schengen Visa state in 2007. If you wish to visit Estonia, then you cannot do so without a visa. There are different types of Visa that the country offers –

    • Estonia Tourist/ Visitor Visa – It is for those individuals who wish to visit a family or friend in Estonia or want to visit for sightseeing.
    • Estonia Visa for Business Purposes. – These people can visit Estonia for a Business meeting, conference, or to research a Business prospect.
    • Estonia Visa or Medical purpose - People can visit Estonia for medical care and take advice from doctors.
    • Estonia Visa for Cultural, Sports, Film Crew or religious purposes – This Visa helps people immigrate to Estonia for an event, seminar, or a similar purpose of Visit.
    • Estonia Visa for Study, Training, and Research - Students can Visit Estonia for Short Term courses like certifications and vocational training.
    • Estonia Airport Transit Visa - This Visa helps people take a halt in Estonia before they are ready to reach their destination.

    What are the documents needed for the Visitor Visa of Estonia?

    Without proper documents, immigration on a visitor visa is not possible. The documents required in such a case are –

  • Financial Proof - Bank statements of the last six months
  • Invitation letter from the family and friends in Estonia
  • Passport Copies
  • Recent photographs
  • How to apply for the Estonia Visa?

    A Change Visa will allow the applicant to stay in the country for 90 days to 180 days. You can request an extension if you wish to stay longer.

    A few steps of attaining the Visa are –
    • Step 1 - Fill out the form
    • Step 2 - collect all the necessary documents
    • Step 3 - Submit your application at the visa center
    • Step 4 – Once the Visa application is submitted then, you will be altered by SMS

    What is the visa fee for Estonia?

    The short-term Visa for Estonia – Visitor Visa, Airport transit Visa costs around EUR 60 per individual. In the case of Children who were between 6 to 12 years, the cost has gone down to EUR 35. Depending on the fact that it is a single-entry visa or a double-entry visa, the cost will be different.


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