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    How to apply for a France Visitor Visa?

    If you wish to travel to France for the reason of tourism, then you can do so for a period shorter than 90 days with the help of a France Tourist Visa. It will permit you to stay in France for 90 days to 180 days. Apart from the case when your Visa is the Limited Territorial Validity visa, the applicant will be allowed to travel with this Visa to other Schengen countries in that period.

    Who needs a France Tourist Visa?

    It will depend on your nationality if you need a Short Stay Visa for the European France or Overseas territories. Getting a Visitor Visa will depend on your nationality as; for the nationals of Monaco or Switzerland or any Other European Union Member state or European Economic Area member state, there is no need for any kind of Visa. You can enter France as a tourist and remain there.

    What are the requirements for getting a France Tourist visa?

    The following documents need to be submitted if you are looking to get a France Tourist Visa –

    • Contact the Consulate Section of the French embassy in your country or visit a Visa processing center to which France has outsourced its visa submissions.
    • Completed French Tourist Visa application
    • Two passport size photographs
    • A valid passport which is valid for at least three months after the end of your Planned Stay in France
    • Copies of your old visas
    • A travel medical insurance which should have a cover of EUR 30,000 for your stay in France
    • Proof of the paid Visa fee
    • Travel Itinerary – It should cover the purpose of your visit to France. The hotel bookings and Plane tickets should be part of this itinerary.
    • Financial stability for the whole stay in France

    What is the cost of a France Visitor Visa?

    The France Visitor visa fee ideally is EUR 80. The applicant can either pay the gee in Euros or the local currency considering the exchange rate in mind. The fee needs to be paid before the interview is conducted on the day of your appointment.

    It is good to be on time for your appointment for the French embassy; getting late might result in the cancellation of the appointment, or you will have to schedule another appointment.

    What is the Validity of the France Visitor visa?

    The Validity of your Visa will depend on the French embassy. It can be for ten days, three weeks, or even for three to five days. The maximum Validity for a tourist visa is Three months within half a year.


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