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    How to Apply for Visitor Visa for Latvia?

    Latvia is known for its dense forest and beaches. It has an exquisite scenic beauty which gets a good influx of tourists. Also, the Latvia education system is developing fast; thus it is attracting a large number of foreign students as well. The country has also been attracting a lot of sports enthusiasts for a long time.

    If you wish to visit Latvia and you belong to a Non-European nation, then you need to apply for a Schengen Visa that will help you Visit Latvia for a Short duration. As compared to other countries like the USA, the Latvia Visa can be obtained easily.

    What are the different types of Latvian Visas?

    Depending on the nature and duration of your visit, you can apply for different kinds of Latvian Visas.
    • Schengen Visa -It allows a stay of 90 days in six months duration, and you will be allowed to stay in all the Schengen countries. There are 29 Schengen countries, and there is no restriction on the number of times you are allowed to enter or visit Schengen states.
    • Airport Transit Visa- This visa allows you to take a halt in Latvia while you wait to reach your destination
    • Latvia Tourism visa – This Visa is for people who want to visit Latvia for a vacation, Sightseeing, or explore the country
    • Latvia visitor Visa – It allows the applicant to visit the country to meet with their relatives, Family, or Friends.
    • Latvia Business Visa – Those who wish to visit Latvia for a Business conference or meeting or for some research can use this Visa.
    • Latvia Medical Visa – This Visa helps people who seek medical care in Latvia
    • Latvia Study visa - The applicant can use this Visa to pursue short-term courses in Latvia, which are for 90 days.

    What are the documents required for the Latvian Visitor Visa?

    Improper documentation can also lead to the rejection of the application. The list of Documents needed for a visitor visa is –
    • A valid passport with at least six months of validity left
    • Two passport size photographs
    • A cover letter for the purpose of your visit
    • Travel itinerary – covering hotel bookings and flight tickets
    • Travel Insurance which will cover the entire Schengen region and should be of a minimum amount of EUR 30,000
    • Proof of Financial stability will be established with the help of bank statements of the last six months.

    How to Apply for a Latvian Visa?

    • Step 1 - Fill out the complete Visa application form
    • Step 2- Complete all your documents for the Visa processing
    • Step 3- The application needs to be submitted
    • Step 4 - Pay your Visa fee
    • Step 5 - Appear for the Visa interview
    • Step 6 - Get your Visa

    What is the cost of the Latvia visitor Visa?

    The Latvia visitor visa for an adult will cost around 80 EUR, but for Children in the age range of 6 to 12 years, the cost is EUR 40. The applicant has the choice of making the payment online as well.


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