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    How to apply for a Liechtenstein Visitor Visa?

    Liechtenstein is geographically located between Austria and Switzerland and is a German-speaking country known for castles, landscapes, and art galleries. With high Pet capital income and low tax rates, there are a lot of companies that have their offices in the capital, Vaduz.

    There are different reasons to visit Liechtenstein, and if you are from a Non-European nation, then you need a Visa to visit the country. For a short duration, you can apply for a Schengen visa.

    What are the different Visas for Liechtenstein?

    There are different visas that you can apply for depending on the nature and purpose of your visit. These are –
    • Schengen visa - In the duration of six months, a Schengen visa will allow you to stay in Liechtenstein for a period of 90 days.
    • Airport Transit visa – while traveling to your destination, this Airport transit visa will allow you to take a halt at Liechtenstein.
    • Tourist visa – Those who wish to explore the beautiful country of Liechtenstein can use this visa for vacation or sightseeing.
    • Visitor visa – The applicant can use this visa for the purpose of visiting his family, friends, or relatives.
    • Medical care visa - Those who wish to travel to Liechtenstein for Medical care can use these facilities
    • Study Visa – If you wish to undertake a short-term study course in Liechtenstein less than three months, you can use this visa.
    • Cultural Sports and film Crew visa - If you wish to attend an event at Liechtenstein, you can use this visa based on your purpose of Visit.
    • Business Visa – This visa will help you attend business meetings, conferences, or any other business-related work for a short period.

    What are the steps to apply for a Liechtenstein Visitor visa?

    The Following steps should be carefully undertaken if you wish to get a Liechtenstein Visitor visa.
    • Step 1 - Fill out the application form
    • Step 2 - Complete all your documents
    • Step 3 - Pay the visa processing fees
    • Step 4 - Appear for the visa interview

    What is the cost of a Liechtenstein Visitor Visa?

    The Cost for a Liechtenstein Visitor Visa is EUR 80 for an adult, but children who are between the age of 6 to 12 years will have to pay half for the visitor visa, i.e., EUR 40.


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