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    How to apply for Luxembourg Visitor Visa?

    Luxembourg is a very small European country, and it is surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany. It is a European Powerhouse and is known to be the second richest country in Europe. It is very famous for its wine and has three national languages.

    If you belong to a non-European nation, then you need to apply for a visa to get to Luxembourg. Those with the Schengen Visa can stay short-term in the country for a period of approximately 90 days which can also be extended. The Schengen visa is valid for 29 countries. You can enter all these 29 countries without any hindrance with this visa.

    The Luxembourg visitor visa will be processed in 15 days, but it is best to plan the visit ahead after considering all the required implications.

    What are the documents required for the Luxembourg Visitor Visa?

    There are many reasons to visit Luxembourg, and a complete and proper documentation process can help you meet all the requirements. The list of documents include-

    • A complete Visa application from
    • The passport with the validity of at least six months left
    • Two passport size photographs
    • The Travel itinerary – Including all the flight bookings and hotel accommodation booking
    • A cover letter which will have the purpose of your visit listed.
    • The financial stability – bank statements of last six months and income tax return of last three years.
    • Medical travel insurance, which should be at least EUR 30,000 and will cover the whole Schengen region. The travel insurance must be in compliance with the rules of the Schengen region.

    What is the cost of a Luxembourg Visitor visa?

    The Luxembourg Visitor Visa can be paid online as well. The ideal fee for an adult is EUR 80, and for Children who are between 6 to 12 years, the fee is EUR 40. It is best to keep the exchange rate in mind while considering your expenses for the trip.


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