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    How to apply for Slovenia Visitor Visa?

    Slovenia – a country in southern Europe is bordered by Italy, Hungary, Croatia, and Austria. It is a mountainous terrain that invites a lot of visitors as the country is mostly covered with the forest; it is also a significant place of Biological diversity.

    Slovenia is listed as a member of the Schengen region. Thus, with the Schengen visa, the appellant can have a short stay of 90 days in the region which can also be extended on request. There is no border control between the Schengen states, and the applicant can travel without any hassle.

    There are four types of Slovene visa

    • Schengen Visa type A – Airport Transit Visa
    • Schengen Visa Type B – Transit Visa
    • Schengen Visa Type C – Entry Visa
    • Long Term Visa D - Resident, Student or Business

    Generally, it takes around two weeks to process an application for the Schengen visa, but depending on the case, it can take more than two weeks also.

    What are the documents required for the Slovenian Visitor visa?

    The documents needed to complete the visitor Visa for Slovenian visa are –
    • Complete Visa application form
    • Two passport size photographs
    • A passport with a minimum of three months validity left
    • The travel medical insurance of minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 and will be valid for the entire Slovenian region
    • Travel itinerary – It will include the details of flight bookings and flight details
    • The proof of Financial substance – bank records of the last six months, Income tax return form
    • A cover letter which will include the purpose of your visit
    • Your Civic status details – birth certificates of children, Marriage certificates ( If any)

    What is the procedure to apply for a Schengen visitor Visa?

    The applicant can take the following steps to apply for the Schengen Visitor Visa –
    • Step 1 - Fill out the Complete visa application form
    • Step 2 – Complete the documentation process
    • Step 3 – Pay the visa application fee
    • Step 4 – Prepare for the Interview

    What is the cost of the Schengen Visitor visa?

    The Schengen visitor visa is for EUR 80 for an adult applicant, and the cost is half for Children in the age range of 6 to 12 years. There is no application fee for children who are less than six years for them. The transactions can be done online as well, and the candidate should keep in mind the currency exchange rate while moving ahead with the payment procedure.


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