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    How to apply for a Thailand Visitor Visa?

    Thailand is a Southeast Asian country, and it is the perfect destination for people who wish to enjoy the tropical beaches, Opulent Royal palaces, shopping, beauty, and wilderness. The beautiful islands and the ease of getting around make Thailand extremely popular.

    Indian citizens need a visa if they want to visit Thailand for Sightseeing or visiting family; if you are going to Thailand for not more than weeks, then you have a provision for a visa on arrival as well. You will need to apply for a Business Visa for longer than two weeks. The COVID time has also changed some rules, and visas on arrival got waived off for some time. Thus, it's best to cross-check all the details before planning your trip.

    It is best to apply for a Tourist visa four weeks in advance for the application process to take place. An incomplete form will be rejected. Don’t carry any false documents and never misinterpret the facts as well.

    What are the documents required for Thailand Tourist Visa?

    Don’t forget to submit the essential documents if you wish to have a hassle-free process. The list includes transcripts such as –
    • Passport within six months validity
    • Two passport size photographs
    • Visa application form
    • Travel Itinerary - Proof of Accommodation
    • Round trip ticket
    • Proof of Financial means – Minimum 20,000 Bhat per person, bank attested original bank passport with the minimum balance that should be equivalent to $700.
    • Travel insurance
    • A cover letter mentioning travel plan, Places of stay etc.

    What is the Processing charge for a Thailand Visitor visa?

    Depending on the choice of your visa, the processing time and charges will differ. For the Tourist E – visa ( popular), The processing time is two to three days, and the price is INR 2000 for a single person with the validity of a month. In the case of Tourist E-Visa (Express), the processing time is around 24 hours, and the price is INR 7000 with the validity of one month. The Tourist Visa (Stamp) is for three months and is processed in 3 to 4 days. The price for the same is set at INR 4000. You can make the payment online as well; just remember to keep the fee slips ready on all accord.


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