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    How to apply for the United Kingdom Visitor Visa?

    If you want to take a holiday in the United Kingdom and explore the country, you need to apply for a standard visa. It is used by a lot of people all over the world to explore the country. The UK Visitor visa is also known as the UK Standard Visitor Visa, and the applicant can apply for this Visa for a Vacation, family visit, meet with friends, transit to another country, or to attend a meeting or interview.

    The Standard Visa needs to be applied online well in advance. Ideally, it should be two months in advance as the wait, or the UK Standard Visa is longer. In some cases, it might take around six months as also to get a Standard visitor Visa. A long-term Visit visa ( multiple entries) allows the appellant to visit the UK multiple times for up to six months across the period of two years, five years, and sometimes ten years.

    What are the documents needed for the UK visitor Visa?

    The proper documentation can help you expedite the immigration process. The key documents are –
    • Personal identification
    • Salary and Financial details
    • The Travel history and the Travel Itinerary – Stating your purpose of visit along with accommodation details.
    • Proof of funds that state that you will be able to support yourself during your stay in the UK
    • The proof that you will leave the UK after all the completion of your visit
    • Latest Passport or other travel-related documents - The Passport should be valid.

    How to apply for a UK Visitor Visa?

    The UK travel visa can be applied for online, and you can book an appointment at a VAC in India to complete the process. The biometrics should be submitted at the time of the appointment,

    • Step 1 – Fill out the application form
    • Step 2 – Documents submissions
    • Step 3 – Pay the fee
    • Step 4 – Appear for the interview

    What is the cost of the UK Visitor Visa?

    The revised list of fees has made the cost of a short-term visa ( Single or multiple entries, up to six months ) to be 95 pounds and the Long-term visa that is valid for two years comes at the cost of 361 pounds. For a Five-year long-term visa, the cost is 655 Pounds, and for ten years, it is 822 pounds.


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