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400 applicants invited in the Provincial Draws of British Columbia and Manitoba province

British Columbia and Manitoba have recently extended invitations to prospective immigrants through their Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Both the provinces have been welcoming over 400 skilled workers and international graduates eager to settle in these provinces.

Manitoba's Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia

The BC province operates through several streams under the –

•    British Columbia Skills Immigration
•    British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

Recently in British Columbia, the Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) issued a total of 88 invitations through its Skilled Worker and International Graduate stream. This stream is tailored for international graduates from local universities or colleges within the past three years. To be selected for the program the applicants must possess a valid job offer from a British Columbian employer. The invitations are given to candidates with professional experience in high-demand fields, such as childcare, construction, healthcare, technology, and veterinary care. Notably, this stream is enhanced which means that it aligns with the Express Entry system, allowing individuals in the Express Entry pool to apply for permanent residence in British Columbia.

Manitoba's Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Meanwhile, Manitoba's Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has issued over 350 invitations across two key streams.

  • The Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream targeted individuals working in in-demand occupations within the province, including roles such as nurse aides, retail and wholesale trade managers, and workers in general construction trades.
  • Additionally, the Skilled Worker Overseas stream welcomed 87 candidates with a minimum score of 691, who were invited under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative. Similar to British Columbia, Manitoba's programs are also enhanced, with a significant portion of invitations extended to candidates with Express Entry profiles.

Both provinces' PNPs play a crucial role in addressing labor market needs and facilitating economic growth by attracting skilled workers and international graduates. By focusing on in-demand occupations and offering pathways for permanent residency, British Columbia and Manitoba demonstrate their commitment to welcoming newcomers who can contribute to their local communities and economies.

These recent invitation rounds underscore the importance of PNPs in Canada's immigration system, providing opportunities for skilled individuals to pursue their career aspirations and build a new life in these vibrant provinces. As immigration continues to drive population growth and diversity, initiatives like these PNPs remain instrumental in shaping Canada's future.

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