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The UK has a robust economy and has been helping talented workers to immigrate to the country through a Tier System that helps analyze the workers and credentials as per the job market. The secret to a happy stay in the UK is the right kind of work visa. There are different kinds of work visas for the UK, depending on the profession and qualification of the candidate.

The Tier System of UK immigration is a point-based immigration system where the minimum points are requirements for selection on assessment for a tier selection. There are five different types of tiers-

  • Tier 1 – High-value immigrants
  • Tier 2 – Skilled workers
  • Tier 3 – Unskilled workers
  • Tier 4 – Adult students
  • Tier 5 – Temporary workers

What are the requirements for the UK work visa?

The requirements of the UK work visa are as per the employee's need and also the tier system under which they fit. The most popular work visa is tier 2 for people who are outside EEA and Switzerland, and it applies to those who have a job offer in the UK.

For a general work visa, the appellants need to have a sponsorship from a licensed employer, and this type of work permit should include –

  • Application forms
  • Two passport size photographs
  • A valid passport proof of finance that would cover the costs of staying in the UK
  • Accommodation proof
  • Medical test
  • Certified translation of documents for those which are not in English or Welsh

What is the application process for the UK work visa?

The applicants should apply after keeping processing time in mind. The visa application processing can take around three weeks, so it is important to apply early through UK home office visas and the immigration services website.

There are PBS (point-based assessment) certificate requirements for each tier system, and evaluations are done before the applicant meets the criteria. There are some additional requirements for few categories. For a Tier 2 Visa, it is important to have sponsorship from a licensed UK employer, and a certificate of sponsorship should be issued by the sponsoring employer.

UK Point-based assessment system (PBS)

The number of scores that the applicant will receive in the UK point system will determine the eligibility for the UK work visa. The Points are calculated as per the following –

  • Qualification
  • Future expected earning
  • English language skills
  • Sponsorship
  • Self-provided funds

Some of the professions who can apply for the UK work Visa permit are –


  • Qualification- BSc or GNM with a valid NMC decision letter
  • Experience – a Minimum of one year
  • Salary offered - £ 25000 to £35,500

Senior Care Workers

  • Qualification – BSc or GNM with valid UKVI IELTS (Academic or General 4 each band
  • Experience – A minimum of three years of work experience
  • Salary Offered - £ 22000 to £25600

Chefs (Continental/ Asian / Indian Curry and tandoori)

  • Qualification- Degree or Diploma in Hotel management (not essential)
  • Experience – A minimum of three year’s experience at Chef de Partie or above level (Supervisory level experience, ethnic chefs can apply if they want four years of experience at the same position)
  • Salary offered - £25600 - £ 32000

Restaurant/ Bar/ F& B / Hotel manager / Spa Manager

  • Qualification – Degree or diploma in Hotel Management with valid UKVIS IELTS ( Academic or general) 4 band each
  • Experience – a minimum of three years at Chef de Partie or above level (Supervisory level experience, ethnic chefs can apply if they have four years of experience at the same position)
  • Salary offered - £25,600 - £ 32000


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