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    Federal Skilled Trades Program helps the trade skills to gain permanent residency in Canada. This program is part of Canada's skilled immigration. The applicants with job offers can work in certain high demand occupation categories like agriculture, construction, electrical, etc.

    Canada Immigration is highly popular due to the strong economy, quality life offered, and employment opportunities; thus, a lot of people are migrating to Canada through different kinds of visas – permanent residency visas, work permit, business, or investor visas or student visa. If you are ready to move and looking for a long term settlement in the country, then the ideal way for you to relocate and settle in Canada is through Canada Permanent Residency status.

    The five years' validity and attached family benefits of healthcare and education are the best options for you. The popular pathways to move to Canada with the PR status are–

    Express Entry Program

    Express Entry Program is designed to make the immigration process simpler and faster for the skilled workers. The introduction of the Express Entry program happened in 2015. It is a straightforward pathway for the immigration of skilled candidates who has skills and talent on their side and can move to another country in six months' time. The assessment is point-based and is done with the help of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool.

    The candidate has three subcategories for immigration under the Express Entry Program

    What is the Federal Skilled Trades Program?

    The Federal Skilled Trades Program is a subcategory under the Express Entry Program. It is a category that is created for trade workers who are skilled and qualified to migrate to Canada permanently. The good part of this program is that it selects applicants without receiving any job offer; also, there are no educational requirements under this subcategory. The whole point is if you have skill in a specific trade, then this is the best program for you.

    The applications Listed in Federal Skilled Trades Program are 43, and they are divided into category A and category B.

    For Category A, there are only 3000 Visa applications that are accepted every year, but there is no such limitation in Category B.

    What is the eligibility to apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program?

    The eligibility to apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program under the subcategory of the Express Entry Program is listed below–

    • The applicant should reach the score required in the Federal Skilled Trades Program points calculator.
    • The eligibility requirements do not qualify for the Quebec province of Canada.
    • The candidate should meet the minimum language score requirements of CLB 4.
    • The candidate skills are calculated by him having a minimum of two years of work experience in the last five years.
    • The candidate should have the skills in one of the occupations listed in the Federal Skilled Trades list.
    • The candidate is not asked for any minimum education requirements to be eligible in this category.
    • There should be no serious health or financial liability on the applicant.
    • No False information should be shared with the authorities.

    However, the applicants are selected on a lottery basis. The good part is that the applicants' selection chances are very high as there is always a shortage of labor in Canada.

    Federal Skilled Trades Program points calculator

    Factors Points
    Age 110
    Education 150
    Language 136
    Work Experience 80
    Skill Transferability 50
    Canadian Work experience 50
    Certificate of qualification in a trade and language ability 50
    Additional Points 600

    What is the Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP) occupation list?

    There are professions listed in the Federal Skilled Trades Program occupation (FSTP)occupation list, and they are –

    The skilled Trades that are part of the list are as per the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list.

    Category A Occupations

    NOC category Occupations
    7202 Electric trades and telecommunication occupations
    7204 Carpentry trades
    7205 Construction trades, installers, repairers and services
    7271 Carpenters
    7301 Mechanic Trades
    7302 Heavy Equipment Operator Crew
    8211 Logging and forestry
    8221 Mining and Quarrying
    8222 Oil and gas drilling service
    8241 Logging machinery Operators
    8252 Agriculture Service Contactors, farm supervisors
    9211 Mineral and metal processing
    9212 Petroleum, gas and Chemical processing and utilities
    9214 Plastic and rubber products manufacturing
    9231 Central Control and process Operators, mineral and metal processing
    9241 Power Engineers and power system operators
    9243 Water and waste Treatment plant operators

    Category B – Occupations

    NOC Occupations
    7231 Machinists and Machining and tooling inspectors
    7233 Sheet metal workers
    7235 Structural Metal and Plate work fabricators and filters
    7236 Ironworkers
    7237 Welders and related machine operators
    7241 Electricians
    7242 Industrial Electricians
    7244 Electrical power line and cable workers
    7245 Telecommunications line and cable workers
    7246 Telecommunication installation and repair workers
    7251 Plumbers
    7252 Steamfitters, pipefitters and Sprinkler system installers
    7253 Gas fitters
    7311 Construction Millwrights and Industrial mechanics
    7312 Heavy duty equipment’s
    7313 Refrigeration and AC mechanics
    7314 Railway carmen / Women
    7315 Aircraft mechanics and inspectors
    7318 Elevator Constructors and Mechanics
    7371 Crane operators
    7372 Drillers and blasters – Surfacing, mining, quarrying and construction
    7373 Water well drillers
    8231 Underground Production and development miners
    8232 Oil and gas well drillers, service, testers
    9232 Petroleum, gas and Chemical process operator
    7243 Power system electricians

    What is FSTP Canada's processing time?

    The FSTP Canada processing time depends a lot on the applicant's profile, but since it is the speed fast process, many applications have been processed in six months. The candidate can go for a province-specific assessment as well in order to FastTrack the processing even more.

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