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Increase CRS Score For Express Entry

Immigration to Canada is point-based. The applicant can choose a pathway through which a candidate wishes to relocate and then meet the point score requirement for selection. The federal express entry program is the most popular method for Canadian immigration and uses the comprehensive ranking system tool for score assessment. The selection of the applicant is quantified as the credential as assessed through numbers. The human capital score is calculated as per age, language, education, work experience, and arranged employment, and the applicant can use this tool for assessment. Those candidates who meet the yardstick score by IRCC are shortlisted and provided the invitation to apply (ITA)

With a low Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, it is difficult for you to immigrate to Canada. There are so many ways through which applicants can move to Canada through a low CRS score requirement as well. For example, by applying to Ontario province where the applicant with the Low CRS score can relocate easily. however, choosing an alternative measure is not always the answer to the query; thus, the applicant wishes to migrate by increasing the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score and thereby improving the chances of relocation as well.

Let us look at some of the ways below through which the applicant can have increased chances of selection through improved CRS requirement

  • Immigrate through provincial Nominee Program - The best alternative method to the express entry program is the provincial nominee program. The appellant can apply to the province of his choice for relocation and can get nominated as per the labor market requirement. The best part of provincial nomination is that the selected applicant is eligible for 600 bonus points in the federal express entry program score calculation. Getting the 600 extra points guarantees the selection of the candidate in the nest express entry draw.
  • Improve your Educational Qualification - It is a lengthy process to improve your CRS score but nonetheless a measure. The applicant can study more and apply for immigration later after adding to the educational qualifications. A post-graduate student is likely to get more scores and points than a graduate student in the CRS score calculation.
  • Improve your Language Score - This is the fastest and the most effective manner of improving the CRS score. Hence, this is the most popular method as well. The appellant can reappear in the IELTS test again and again till he achieves a high band in the test. The higher the score in the IELTS tests, the better the CRs ranking. There is no limit on the number of times an applicant can appear in an IELTS test; thus, it is good to try till the time a competitive score is achieved by the appellant.
  • Start Learning Another Language - This method is highly effective for those appellants who already have a high IELTS test score but are still not able to meet the required points score for selection. In such cases, if the applicant already knows English, then other methods should have resorted to improving the CRS score ranking. One such method is increasing learning another language of Canada – French. Having the knowledge of both official Canadian languages can be good for the applicant as it can help in increased CRS score.
  • Improve your Work Experience - This is another lengthy process for improving the CRS score but nonetheless it is a good one. The appellants who are skilled and have good work experience on their side are always welcomed in Canada. By increasing the number of years that you have worked as an appellant, you can also improve your comprehensive ranking system score.
  • Get a Job offer in Canada - Getting a job offer is not a mandatory requirement for Canada Immigration, especially for a popular program like the express entry program. However, if the applicant does have a job offer in hand from a Canadian employer before relocation, then it can help the appellant get a higher Comprehensive ranking system score in the selection.

The above-mentioned methods are few ways through which the appellant can improve the comprehensive ranking system score for express entry immigration. To know which method works best for you and how you can improve the CRs score, it is always correct to take the help of a reliable immigration consultancy.


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