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    What is the SINP Point Calculator? And how does it Work?

    Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program or SINP is a province based immigration program for Saskatchewan. In which the immigrants are selected as per the labor market and Occupation in-demand in Saskatchewan province. The streams for selection in this category are - International Skilled Workers, Farm Owner, and Entrepreneur application, and Saskatchewan Experience Category. Those candidates who are shortlisted by the Saskatchewan province are eligible for 600 Bonus points in the Express Entry stream. Further, the candidates who are in the Express Entry pool can apply for the Saskatchewan nomination through the Occupation in-demand category.

    Through the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP), the Candidate is chosen by the province based on the labor market requirement, and the candidates are shortlisted as per the education, work experience, and skills of the Candidate. The processing time for selection in the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) is fair, and the procedure doesn’t take a very long time.

    Requirements for SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program)

    PNP status is allotted to the Candidate for a particular province, and every province has its requirements and guidelines for PNP. For Saskatchewan, the Candidate should have a minimum of 60 points on the grid to make himself/herself eligible. Further, there are categories under which the Candidate can apply for a PNP, which are:

    • International Skilled worker (ISW) Category
    • Saskatchewan Experience Category
    • Entrepreneur Category
    • Farm Category

    Which professions are suited for Saskatchewan?

    Once you have planned to settle in Saskatchewan, it will work to your advantage if your experience and educational qualification are in high demand in the Saskatchewan region. This will make your chances of getting employment brighter. Some of the jobs listed below are the topmost in this region:

    • Charted Accountant
    • Software Engineer
    • Doctor
    • Lawyer

    Saskatchewan Points Calculator 2020

    The Saskatchewan region has its point calculator in which the Candidate should score a minimum of 60 points to selected for immigration under this category:-

    Factors Points
    Labor market Connection 30
    Education 23
    Language Ability 20
    Work Experience 15
    Age 12
    Total Points 100
    Passing Point 60
    • Age - The Maximum points for 22 to 34 years
    • Education - The Maximum points for a Master’s degree or doctorate degree
    • Work Experience - The Maximum points for the experience of five years or more
    • Language Ability – The Maximum points for CLB 8 or IELTS with eight bands or more

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