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    Manitoba PNP Points Details

    Manitoba province has the right to select and nominate applicants for Permanent residency so that they can live and work in the province. This is possible through the Manitoba provincial nominee program. However, to be selected in the program, the applicant needs to meet the eligibility requirements of the province and also qualify as a skilled worker who will help meet the labor market demands in the region the Candidates who achieve the minimum points score requirement decided by the Manitoba government they are selected for the nomination certificate. After submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI) the points will be calculated.

    The minimum required score for selection under the Manitoba Point score calculator is 60 points out of 100, and the Calculation is as follows:-

    The Manitoba Points calculator 2021

    Factors Maximum Points
    Age 10
    Language Efficiency 20 + 5 Bonus ( If you know both the languages)
    Work Experience 15
    Education 25
    Adaptability 20

    Language Proficiency Table:-

    Language Score Maximum Points
    CLB 8 or higher 20
    CLB 7 18
    CLB 6 16
    CLB 5 14
    CLB 4 12
    CLB 3 or lower 0

    Second official language:-

    Second Language Skills Maximum Points
    CLB 5 or higher 25
    Maximum points – factor 1 125

    Age Table:-

    Age Score Maximum Points
    18 4
    19 6
    20 8
    21 to 45 10
    46 8
    47 6
    48 4
    49 2
    50 or Older 0

    Work Experience Table:-

    Work Experience Maximum Points
    Less than one year 0
    One year 8
    Two years 10
    Four or more Years 15

    Education Table:-

    Education Maximum Points
    Master’s degree or Doctorate 25
    Two post graduate program of two years each 23
    One Post-secondary exam of two years or longer 20
    One one year post-secondary program 14
    No Post-Secondary education 0

    Adaptability Table:-

    Factors Maximum Points
    A Close relative in Manitoba 20
    ITA received from Manitoba as part of Recruitment visit or exploratory visit 20
    Previous work experience in Manitoba at least 6 months 12
    Close Friend or Distant Relative in Manitoba 10
    Completed Post-Secondary Program in Manitoba (One year) 10
    Completed Post-Secondary Program in Manitoba (Two year) 12
    Intention to Reside Outside Winnipeg (Bonus) 5


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