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Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)

The Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) Is One Of The Best Immigration Programs To Get Canada PR In 2021.

The Skilled Workers Can Apply In Federal Skilled Workers Program In 2021 To Obtain Canadian Permanent Residency.

Eligibility Citeria

The FSWP of Express Entry is a popular Canada Immigration program designed by the government to provide permanent settlement option for people on the basis of their abilities and skills. It is a point based visa which requires you to earn or score at least 67 points to qualify based on age, education, work experience, language proficiency, etc. parameters.

  • Education
    • University degree at the Doctoral (PhD) level or equal - 25 Points
    • University degree at the Master’s level or equal – 23 Points
    • University level entry-to-practice professional degree . Occupation related to the degree must be:- NOC 2011 Skill Level A, an licensed by a provincial regulatory body (Degree must be secured in Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Optometry, Law, Chiropractic Medicine, or Pharmacy) – 23 Points
    • Two or more Canadian post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equal (at least one must be for a program of at least three years)- 22 Points
    • Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a program of three years or longer, or equal - 21 Points
    • Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a two-year program, or equal - 19 Points
    • Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a one-year program, or equal - 15 Points
    • Canadian high school diploma, or equal - 5 Points
  • Experience
    • With 1 year Experience equal - 09 Points
    • With 2-3 years Experience equal - 11 Points
    • With 4-5 years Experience equal - 13 Points
    • Above 6 years Experience equal - 15 Points

How to Apply for FSWP?

The Federal Skilled Workers program (FSWP) is a sub category of the Express Entry program. Thus, the applicants can start the process by creating a profile in the express entry. After the profile is created the credentials of the applicants are evaluated and the scores are assessed as per the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) tool. With the help of the score calculator the all those applicants who meet the high score they are selected for immigration.


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