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The British Columbia province nomination program is a Fast Track service for its experienced and skilled workers. It provides assistance to the skilled people who are capable, and they are ready to settle in the province permanently. The BC PNP attracts those applicants whose skills meet the target requirements of the province. It includes high impact workers, entrepreneurs who are ready to meet the economic development priorities of the region.

The points score requirement is the foremost aspect of meeting the eligibility of the province, and there are different streams through which permanent residency can be attained.

These streams of selection for British Columbia are as follows:-

  • Skill Immigration – Express Entry
  • Skilled worker category
  • Healthcare professional category
  • International graduate category
  • International Postgraduate category
  • Entry-level Semi-Skilled worker category
  • Entrepreneur immigration
  • Regional Pilot
  • Strategic Projects category

Apart from this, the Tech pilot program of BC is also a very popular program where 29 eligible occupations form the core of the selection of the technical workers. In the pandemic time, the demand for technical workers has significantly increased, and it is expected to take a positive swing in the coming times as well. 2021 is the year for tech immigration to Canada.

British Columbia selects the applicants based on their ability to meet the labor market needs of the province, and for this, they need to meet the eligibility requirement of BC and National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill type. There is a lot of importance placed a lot importance given to having a valid Offer letter from the British Columbia employer. However, for streams like International Graduate and International post-graduate stream, the candidate doesn’t require any Job letter. Thus, BC PNP has a lot of opportunities for skilled applicants.

How can a desiring candidate get selected for the BC PNP?

Meet the eligibility if you want to live in British Columbia. The foremost thing is meeting the points scores, and the province has its own point-based system. You can start the process by creating your profile, and then you will enter the pool. The score meeting applicants will attain a high score among the others, and then they are selected for the nomination from the province of British Columbia. For one year, the application is valid from the pool. After that, the applicant will have to create a new profile. Those candidates who are selected for the British Columbia nomination are eligible for 600 extra points in the Express Entry profile.

What is the Score requirement for British Columbia?

The British Columbia Points score calculator 2020 is as follows:-

Factors Sections Points
Economic Skill level of BC job offer 60
Wage of BC job offer 50
Regional district of employment 10
Human Capital Factors Directly related work experience 25
Highest level of education 25
Language 30

The processing time of BC PNP is also fast it takes around three to four for candidates to relocate if they have proper documents and the processing has been done efficiently. For this you can take the help of a reliable immigration consultancy as well.


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