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    Quebec province is second in number as the largest province in Canada. It does not follow the immigration model of other areas but has its own immigration system. The province promotes a francophone culture where an added advantage is given to the French-speaking candidates as Quebec province upholds the French culture values in Canada. Quebec has a strong economy and a family unification idea coupled with a highly protective humanitarian support environment. Therefore there are a lot of refugees in Quebec.

    The minimum points required for single applicants in Quebec was increased from 49 to 50 in 2017. In the case of married couples, the point score requirement was raised from 57 to 59. With the changes introduced in 2019 by the Quebec government, there were updates in the Immigration Quebec Areas of Training list as well. In addition to these changes, the Quebec government has also been steadily improving the "Mon Projet Québec," which is an online immigration system for the region.

    The new rules for Quebec immigration help the potential skilled worker's candidates trained in "preferred area" or have a valid job offer in the region. In 2019, the Education sub-category was provided a lot of importance in Quebec than the Areas of Training sub-category. This means the education will matter more than the areas in which the applicant has been trained for relocation to Quebec. The Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker list of occupations is enhanced. The points are now given for a wide range of degrees and diplomas obtained from foreign and Quebec institutions. Now, we can safely say that the Canadian immigration for Quebec skilled workers is much more consistent and objective than before, and it is because of the new ranking formula. Some of the subjective elements, like the in-person interview have now been removed. The new Quebec immigration eligibility criteria are more effective in identifying the credentials of an applicant.

    There are different streams for Quebec Immigration, and selection in one of the streams is important for migration. These streams are –

    • Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)
    • Quebec Experience program
    • Quebec Business Program

    The most popular stream of migration among all the above streams is Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP).

    Now, let us look at the Quebec Point Score Calculator allocation for selection in the province of Quebec.

    Factors Points
    Education 14
    Area of training 12
    Employment offer 10
    Work Experience 8
    Age 16
    Language Competency Score 22
    Family in Quebec 8
    Spouse / Common law-partner 17
    Accompanying Children 8
    Financial Self Sufficiency 1

    What is the processing fee for Quebec province?

    For the skilled workers under the Quebec skilled workers program, the following are the fee requirements-

    • Main applicant - CAD 773
    • Spouse or common-law partner - CAD 166
    • Dependent children - CAD 166 each

    If there is a family of a husband and wife and two children through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, they need to pay the fee of $1,271 ($773 + $166 + $166 + $166). The fee mentioned above is dependent on the currency exchange rate and doesn't include the additional expenses in immigration. It is just a general immigration fee.


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