The Latest Express Entry Draws of 2023

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The point-based immigration to Canada helps to assess the rank of the applicant and allows them to get selected based on their abilities. The express entry picks applicants from the pool, and they are ranked as per the CRS score.

The express entry draws are conducted after every two weeks, and the applicants and select the applicant as per the labor market demand.

In 2023 there have been a lot of PNP specific draws have been conducted by the IRCC as opposed to the all-program draws that were undertaken in 2023.

The express entry draws of 2023

Date Number of Invitations CRS score and program
11 January 5500 507 ( All program)
18 January 5500 490 ( All program)
1 February 893 733 (PNP)
2 February 3300 489 (FSWP)
15 February 699 791 (PNP)
1 March 667 748 (PNP)
15 March 7000 490 ( No specific program)
23 March 7000 484 ( No Specific program)
29 March 7000 481 (No Specific program)

What are the Key highlights of the Express entry draws in 2023?

The Key Highlights of the express entry draw 2023 –

  • The lowest CRS score required – 481 points was recorded in the most recent draw of the IRCC
  • There have been three PNP specific draws and One FSWP specific draw conducted
  • It is the first time in Express entry draw history that only an FSWP draw was conducted
  • With every draw, the number of ITAs issued seems to be on a larger scale and there is a decrease in the CRS score.
  • IRCC has been conducting large draws with higher frequency

When will the next Express Entry draw take place?

There is no way to determine when the next express entry draw will be conducted and it is completely as per the prerogative of the IRCC. Historically, IRCC had conducted the express entry draw after every two weeks while there have been some disruptions when the draw was conducted a few days early or late the two week’s time has been the general benchmark. As per this, the next express entry draw is expected to be on 12 April 2023.

What has been the impact of COVID 19 on the Express Entry draws and immigrations?

The Canadian government took measures to combat the pandemic and in those times there was hiatus in the all-program express entry draws. The restriction was imposed on travel due to the pandemic which got subsidized over time as the cases reduced. From July 2022, IRCC started conducting the Express entry draws again and has been actively inviting applicants ever since.

However, there is a new pattern of program-specific draws, which has been witnessed in the draws which was not a measure in the pre-pandemic times. Now, IRCC conducts programs specific draws from time to time and invites applicants per the labor market requirements.

Canada Government has set a target of 421000 applicants in 2023 and is looking to invite most of the applicants through economic channels.


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