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How to get a Sweden Work Permit?

It is situated in Northern Europe, somewhere between Norway and Finland. The country Sweden can clearly be considered one of the most innovative countries in the world. The healthcare industry is immaculate in the region and they are one's responsible for the invention of the pacemakers.

The Scandian high standard of living, subsidized public services, and a generous amount of holiday allowance are what make this country a paradise professionally. It is certainly a small economy by a highly competitive one with good working conditions. Thus, anyone who wishes to find work in Sweden should start researching through the following.

EU and NON- EU/ EEA citizens

The Citizens of the European Union and Switzerland region don't require a work permit to work in Sweden. They can also come to Sweden to look for a job and appear in interviews. The EU citizens automatically have the right to residency in Sweden, but they need to register with the Swedish Tax Agency. However, anyone who is from outside the European Union or Switzerland region needs a Work permit to work in Sweden. The quickest way to apply for a Work permit in Sweden is online. The applications are directly submitted to the Swedish migration agency, and they are given priority.

To get a work permit in Sweden, it is pertinent that the applicant has employment in Sweden. The employment contract needs to be enclosed with the application of the candidate. The post for which you have been selected should have been advertised by the employer in the last ten days only.

Citizens from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea who are between the age of 18 to 30 years can get a working holiday visa for around one year. Based on the employee's Home country or occupation, one can be eligible for the EU blue card or intra-corporate transfer ( ICT) Permit. In April 2022, The Sweden government announced an upcoming residence permit for skilled workers, startups, and entrepreneurs as well.

How to get a Job in Sweden?

The applicant who wishes to apply for a job in Sweden should start with the following –

  • Submit a two-page CV and cover letter to the company
  • Get invited for the interview (For the overseas applicant, this can be through a video call)
  • Get selected

Which are the popular Sectors in Sweden?

The Swedish economy is a combination of capitalist and welfare systems; thus, there is always a demand for skilled workers. The industries which are very popular and have huge demand are –

  • Management, consulting, and finance Stockholm is the financial center of the country. There are many banks here and also Scandinavia's largest stock exchange.
  • The Tech sector and Automobile sector Big companies like Volvo, Scania, and Saab Automobile are Swedish companies. Sweden is the pioneer in innovation and technology with tech brands like Skype and big companies like Sony Ericsson. Thus, there is a lot to offer in IT as well.
  • Healthcare The health sector in Sweden is work renowned. It is a good place for nurses, dentists, and doctors to find a strong footing and flourish. There is a lot of training and research in this field.
  • Tourism With beautiful cities and landscapes, the tourism industry of Sweden is not far behind. It is the hallmark of beauty and one of the main tourist destinations in the world.

There are huge opportunities in these areas, but that doesn't mean that other professions lack opportunities with brands like H& M, the textile, retail, and education; almost every sector in Sweden has a lot to offer to the immigrants.

What are the eligibility requirements for a work permit in Sweden?

There are a few requirements that need to be met if the applicant wishes to get a work permit in Sweden –

  • The employment that is less than three months, citizens of certain countries such as India, Maldives, and Kenya, among others, should have a work permit and visa both.
  • The Job which has been granted to the appellant should have been advertised in the last ten days only
  • The applicant's offer terms should match the Swedish collective agreements or the customary notes within the occupation or industry
  • The employment contract needs to be signed by both parties.
  • The applicant should be promised a minimum monthly salary of SEK 13,000 before the taxes.
  • The employer should offer insurance that covers health, life, employment, and pension.
  • The applicant should also offer proof of accommodation
  • The intention to leave Sweden once the work permit expires

How to apply for a work permit in Sweden?

The following steps should be taken to apply for a work permit in Sweden –

  • Step 1 Get validated employment from a Sweden Employer which has been advertised in the last ten days.
  • Step 2 The employer will initiate the work permit application, and it will carry the details of the nature of your job and the applicant's details as well
  • Step 3 The Swedish Migration agency will send a mail based on the information provided by the employer. The mail will carry details on how to apply for a work permit
  • Step 4 Apply with the necessary documents
  • Step 5 Pay your fee
  • Step 6 The Swedish Migration Agency will reach a decision on your application
  • Step 7 Receive a decision

What are the documents required for the work permit in Sweden?

The documents mentioned below need to be scanned and sent for review –

  • The employment contact received from a Swedish employer
  • Copies of passport carrying personal information
  • Photographs, which are signed
  • A power of attorney. It can be signed by someone who is allowed by the applicant to represent him. To give a power of attorney, you need to send a letter to the Swedish Migration Agency stating – the name, date of birth, and address of both parties. Also, the details of what the person who has a power of attorney needs to do
  • Birth certificate of your children ( In case you have one)
  • The consent of another custodial parent in case you are a single parent bringing the child
  • Clean medical and police records of all the members relocating.

Those who are applying for Personal assistance from an employer should attach a copy of the decision issued that needs to be by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency ( FÖRSÄKRINGSKASSAN) regarding the assistance benefits

How to extend the work permit in Sweden?

If the applicant wants to keep on working in Sweden even after the work permit has expired, then he needs to apply for an extension. The work permit is given for six months, and an applicant needs to be submitted by the candidate if there is a change of employer or occupation on the part if the employee.

There are a few conditions that need to be met for the extension of the work permit

  • The applicant should have worked in the employment for which he got the work permit in the first place
  • The salary and employment conditions should have been as per the collective agreement of Sweden
  • The wages should have been at least SEK 13000 per month before taxes.

It is best to apply at least four months in advance before the worm permit expires.

What is the cost of a work permit in Sweden?

The cost of the Sweden work permit will depend on the case and the channel through which the applicant has applied. Generally, it costs around SEK 2000 or $200. Also, people need to wait at least three months to get their work permits. However, the wait time will also depend on the industry for which the applicant has applied. One should keep in mind the work permit is not the same thing as the residency permit.


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