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How to undertake the process of Hong Kong Immigration?

Hong Kong is a wonderful destination for immigrants as the twelfth largest economy in the world and is one of the wealthiest countries on the globe. Hong Kongers are highly educated people. If you have the proper education and work experience on your side, you can effectively blend into the Hong Kong working system; many European and South Asian people choose Hong Kong for relocation. The relocation process to Hong Kong is extremely easy, and the policies are crafted in a new and reformed manner to help the aspirants move with ease.

There is no need to have a job offer in hand before relocating to Hong Kong; thus, a lot of aspirants are thinking of moving to Hong Kong for work. Also, there are many work opportunities because of the country's booming economy, and the most popular visa programs are the Hong Kong Business visa, Hong Kong Travel visa, student visa, and family visa. It is certain that if you wish to work, study or live with your family in Hong Kong; then it is a country ok highly secure and lucrative options.

Why should you choose Hong Kong for immigration?

A well-established and renowned Asian country is known for its versatility and multi- cultural community with a highly accessible transportation system. A few of the reasons which make Hong Kong one of the best places in the world are-

  • The human development index (HDI) in Hong Kong is very high, and it ranked seventh in the world for high life expectancy.
  • There are a lot of skyscrapers in Hong Kong, as the third most-rise building in the world.
  • The International Financial Market is wonderful, with low taxation and minimum government interference to quickly help the applicants do business.
  • Hong Kong relies heavily on tourism making up for 5 % of the GDP
  • Hong Kong is truly a gateway to China through foreign direct investment.
  • Hong Kong offers financial flexibility and Political rights protection with a low rate of unemployment.

What are the Eligibility requirements for Immigration to Hong Kong?

The skilled worker who is looking to Immigrate to Hong Kong as job seekers they need to fulfill some of the following requirements –

  • The Candidate should be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant should have a good command of the English language, and for the work visa, there is a minimum IELTS requirement of 6.0 bands getting a police verification is important; the appellant needs to establish that he/she has a good moral character.
  • The appellant needs to submit a record of countries that he has lived in the past ten years
  • The Candidate needs to have adequate settlement funds to support himself and his family in accommodation, transportation, etc.
  • The Minimum salary for workers in Hong Kong should be at least 20,000.
  • The appellant should declare his intention of living and working in Hong Kong through the affidavit.
  • The new job you intend to take in Hong Kong should be related to your past work experience and education.

What are some of the popular Visa categories of Hong Kong?

The choice of visa and the pathway depends on the credentials of the individual and also the reason for relocation. There are different visa options through which an aspirant can relocate to Hong Kong with ease.

Residency category

This will help those appellants to relocate who have adequate skills and qualifications to migrate to Hong Kong for better opportunities. the applicant can move through three sub-streams –

  • Hong Kong Quality admission scheme.
  • Dependents.
  • Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

Employment / Investment Category

Under this pathway also there are three streams to help applicants relocate

  • General Employment Policy (GEP).
  • Admission Scheme for Mainland talents and Professionals ( ASMTP).
  • Technology Talent Admission Scheme (TECHTAS).

The GEP is for those who wish to enter and live in Hong Kong as a professional, and this policy is not applicable for Chinese residents. This program selects appellants who have efficient skills and work experience

In ASMTP, the appellant who wishes to live and stay in Hong Kong for work as professionals and has suitable qualifications can relocate to Hong Kong. For this, they need to have an employment offer
The Tech TAS is a Three year Pilot scheme

Visit/Transit Category

This pathway also has four streams –

  • Working holiday scheme.
  • Visit/ Transit.
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Travel Pass.
  • APEC Business Travel care (ABTC) Scheme.

The Working holiday scheme helps exchange the cultural bong between Hong Kong and other participating countries. The appellant who wishes to enroll in a short term course can apply for this course and also work part-time
The Visit/transit scheme is for those who want to stay in HKSAR for more than the stipulated period they can get the benefit of Visa waiver concessions
The HKSAR is for three years and provides the privilege of visiting Hong Kong multiple times for two months
For five years, the ABTC schema helps the business people who wish to hold Asia's pacific economic cooperation Business Travel card within the APEC economies.

Non-local Graduates category

The International Agreement for No local graduates is a quota-free category for individuals who wish to live in HKSAR as professionals and apply under immigration agreements for Overseas graduates.

Study Visa

The applicants who wish to study in Hong Kong are welcomes in this category the applicant should be more than six months old and less than 11 years for primary education and secondary education. For this visa, the age should be less than 20 years.
There are different types of student visa programs –

  • Full time and Long term graduate Course.
  • Full-time postgraduate course.
  • Part-time graduate / post-graduate programs.
  • Short term graduates and Postgraduate pram.
  • Exchange study programs at bachelor’s level or higher.

To be a Hong Kong student, the applicant must be financially sound can meet the accommodation and transportations expenses part from the course fee charges. Getting the acceptance letters from the designated university is the first step for studying in Hong Kong.


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