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    The much applauded and accepted International English Language Testing System (IELTS) could be the gateway for Immigration or studying abroad. It opens avenues for employment, exposure, and settlement. It is a highly revered test that is acceptable in almost every English-speaking country such as America. UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

    Depending on your reason for Immigration there are two types of tests Academic IELTS and General Training IELTS; you can take any of the tests as per your goal. With the aim of scoring well, ideally, you should prepare yourself first before you jump on the testing bandwagon.

    Hiring a mentor to help you prepare for IELTS

    It will not matter if you are preparing for an Academic IELTS or General IELTS; having a mentor by your side who will be able to properly guide you on the necessary ways through which you will be able to score well is the key goal. It is not only about learning hard and learning everything. It is about strategic implementation of concepts that you know, application of common sense, and smart studying to know which areas are your weak points and how you can make them your strength.

    Having a mentor by your side can make all these scenarios come true. Some of the reasons why having an IELTS coach or a mentor can be advantageous for you are –

    • The mentor will be able to adequately prepare you for the test and help you glide through the complex questions through constant advice.
    • Your study activities are guided; thus, you will be able to focus on your weak points easily.
    • As you prepare, you gain confidence in your abilities because you have been able to turn the table and make weak areas your strong suit.
    • You will be well-prepared before you enter the exam room, and comprehensive guidance in speaking, reading, writing, and listening has been attained by you.
    • A mentor can help you gain fluency that no other method can provide. Daily conversations with your mentor where your mistakes are rectified are the key to a good speaking test.
    • mentor can help you with the reading strategy so that you don't easily jump to answer the question rather learn to analyze. Skimming and scanning is the best time strategy for Reading a passage so that you don't waste your time reading the complete passage.

    What is the Course Structure of the IELTS test?

    The only difference between the academic IELTS and general training IELTS is in the reading and writing sections. The Total time of the test is two hours and forty-five minutes, where the Listening, Reading, and writings sections need to be completed in one day without any breaks in the middle, and the speaking section and be conducted next week after the test.

    Listening Section- 30 Minutes

    In the listening section, the candidate will listen to four recordings, where two recordings will be monologues, and two will be conversations. The goal here is to witness the ability of the candidate to understand the detailed information and attitude of the speakers, thus analyzing your ability to follow the development of ideas. The accent of the recording can vary from British to Australian to Canadian. The questions are multiple-choice or flow charts or in table form, and there is one mark for each correct answer.

    Writing Section – 60 minutes

    There are two types of writing sections for academic and the other one for general training. The style of the section will depend on the ability of the applicant for academic takers. The test is slightly difficult than the general test takers. There are two tasks in this section, and both need to be completed. In Task 1, a visual situation needs to be described in around 250 words, and in task 2, an essay needs to be written in response to an argument or a problem. Through these sections, the applicant's ability to form well-organized arguments is tested, and how well can he use examples to support his ideas and arguments.

    Reading Section - 60 minutes

    There are forty questions in this section, and the understanding of a logical argument is testing in these part; the academic Reading section will have an analytical question that will be suitable for applicants who are entering a university, and it will be slightly difficult than passages in the general testing reading test. There different types of task in this part – task 1 here multiple-choice questions need to be answered, and task two where a number of the statement will be given, and the applicant will have to select True, False, and not true in the answer sheet. In type three, the writer's claims are identified, in type four, information is matched, and In Type 5, there is the matching of headings. Type 6,7, and 8 will test matching of sentence-ending and completing sentences.

    Speaking Section - 14 minutes

    It is an oral test of the test taker by an examiner. All the speaking is recorded, and there are three parts of this test.

    • Part 1 – Examiner will ask general questions about the task taker.
    • Part 2 - Through a card, you will choose a topic in which you will speak, and you will be given a minute to prepare.
    • Part 3 - questions will be asked to you about part 2. this can last for four to five minutes.

    How can I sign up for learning for the IELTS test?

    It will be useful to prepare yourself for the test well in advance before undertaking the test; for this, you can take the help of mentors and professional who will adequately prepare you in all the four approaches in the paper-

    You can start by –

    • Check online for teachers
    • Research your level and add the course
    • proceed to check out with a payment method

    How to pursue Learning for IELTS through Online activities and classes?

    The Learning for IELTS can be taken through the following measures-

    • Live Online classes: Through videoconferencing and interactive sessions, you can make the best of these corona times and uplift your skills and knowledge. Practice and get guidance on how to improve your weak areas.
    • Online activities- Getting the individual feedback and improving your test awareness through structure practice by activities that improve your vocabulary and also your understanding.
    • Practice test – There is an extensive practice that is provided for all the test questions, and the teacher can help you understand the difference between computer-based tests and written>

    Why Choose Meritide Visas?

    Hiring the right guidance can ensure your future success. Meritide is committed to providing you the best with the help of experienced and qualified mentors. you can choose us for -

    • The IELTS study material will help you grasp the idea, concepts thereby preparing you with the correct guidance of the mentor through adequate preparing activities.
    • A mock test guided by the mentor will help you solve your problems and enhance your weak areas. Thus you will be able to improve much easily.
    • You will leave how to divide your time nicely between the three sections by helping you with the time-based strategy so that you are the focus while taking the test.
    • Concentration exercises can help you in giving the best in the test, and our mentors know how to sharpen your wits for the same.
    • You will get the hang of how to answer in an orderly manner.


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