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Nova Scotia PNP program is one of the most popular programs of immigration. There are different selection streams for the program. An applicant can choose any of the streams for Nova Scotia immigration. The minimum Score of selection in the province is 67 points on its point grid. There are a lot of skilled and semi-skilled occupations that are popular and in demand in Nova Scotia, but medical professionals and nurses are always among the high demand list.

Nova Scotia province is on the eastern coast of Canada, it is one of the four Atlantic Provinces, and it has many offshore islands. It is highly popular for its water sports like kayaking and rafting and is also home to many seals. The province has a lot of job opportunities as well. Thus, it is a popular choice of immigration among many professionals.

The applicants interested in the Nova Scotia immigration can choose from the several immigration streams of the Nova Scotia PNP program. The province provides diverse options to the potential skilled candidates through different streams. From international graduates to skilled workers, a lot of people can find the route to their successful professional and personal life through the Nova Scotia PNP program.

Through this article, let us look in detail on how Nova Scotia PNP works.

There are different streams for Nova Scotia PNP Program, and the applicant can relocate through any of them

There are three streams for migration to the region of Nova Scotia:-

  • International Graduate entrepreneur stream
  • Entrepreneur
  • Skilled worker stream
  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream
  • Nova Scotia experience – Express Entry Stream
  • Labor market Priorities for Physicians

Let us look at these streams of selection under the program for a detailed understanding of Nova Scotia immigration

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream –This Demand stream is meant for those professionals whose occupation is presently in high -Demand in Nova Scotia. Applications for this are selected through the Express Entry program.
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry stream – This Experience stream is meant for those professionals who are already working in Nova Scotia, and they have experience of working in the province.
  • Labour Market Priorities for Physicians – This stream helps medical professionals immigrate with the nomination through both Express Entry and Non express entry stream.
  • Skilled Worker Stream – The Skilled worker stream is aimed towards highly skilled professionals who are talented but they may not have a direct job offer from a valid Nova Scotia employer, but they can be easily employed because of their potential
  • Entrepreneur – Those immigrants who have net-worth and minimum required investment and want to set up their business in Nova Scotia they can take the help of this stream
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream – This stream can stop fresh talent from leaving the province. The fresh graduates who want to continue living in Canada and wish to begin working in Nova Scotia.

What are the Nova Scotia PNP requirements for selection?

Every stream of Nova Scotia immigration has its own eligibility requirement. By meeting the Nova Scotia PNP requirements, one can maximize the odds in your favor so that you are selected by the Nova Scotia Immigration Nominee Program (NSNP).

Nova Scotia PNP requirements are as follows:

  • Your Occupation Should be in Demand
  • Must be 18-49 years of age
  • Should attain minimum 4.5 (IELTS) or 4 (CLB) score on language ability
  • A minimum required one year of work experience in the relevant occupational field.
  • Must possess an equivalent qualification diploma/certificate to the Canadian education system.
  • Must have a strong intention to live in the Province of Nova Scotia

What is the Canada Nova Scotia PNP Process? Step by Step-

Following the Nova Scotia PNP rules and guidelines can help you avoid complications in the Process. You can take the help of professional consultancy services as well, who can help you with the correct usage Nova Scotia PNP rules.

  • Create your Express Entry Program profile online and get a registration code. Remember, it is important to mention the choice of Nova Scotia in the preference section for migration to the province.
  • To fasten the Process, one can apply to the Nova Scotia website and create a profile. Here as well, the candidate can fill in the Express entry details.
  • The credentials of the candidate are assessed accordingly. A minimum benchmark score of 67 marks is required for migration.

The two most popular ways to apply for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) are:-

  • Create your Express Entry Program profile online and get a registration code. Remember, it is important to mention the choice of Nova Scotia in the preference section for migration to the province.
  • Directly submit Expression of Interest (EOI) to Nova Scotia, the candidates can then be assessed as per the points grid, and eligible candidates will become eligible to apply.
  • The candidate can start by creating an Express Entry profile and select the interest as moving to Nova Scotia

The candidates getting the ITA (Invitation to Apply) by qualifying through any of the two methods are awarded 600 bonus points under the Express Entry Comprehensive ranking system (CRS).

Following is the Nova Scotia Points Calculator 2020 in detail-

Factors of Selection Maximum Points
Language score 24
Education 25
Age 12
Work Experience 15
Adaptability 20
Arranged employment 10
Adaptability 10

What are the Nova Scotia jobs in Demand?

If you plan to live in Nova Scotia, you should first conduct proper research on the Nova Scotia Jobs in Demand. After you have confirmed that the Nova Scotia PNP occupation list has your occupation listed, then only you should start the Process for the province.

Nova Scotia PNP occupation list covers the following professions-

Nova Scotia PNP occupation list NOC Skills
Financial auditors and accountants 1111 A
Other financial officers 1114 A
Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations 1123 A
Administrative assistants 1241 B
Accounting and related clerks 1311 B
Civil engineers 2131 A
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 3012 A
Licensed practical nurses 3233 B
College and other vocational instructors 4021 A
Paralegal and related occupations 4211 B
Social and community service workers 4212 B

What is Nova Scotia's processing time?

Through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), the province meets their labor shortage. Nova Scotia's processing time will depend on the Nova Scotia jobs in demand and also on the strength of your profile. If you have undertaken all the process and documentation part carefully, it can take six to seven months of Nova Scotia immigration. It is one of the provinces that provide fast approval to the desiring candidates.

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