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What is the UK Investor Visa?

The UK has different programs through which desiring appellants can migrate to the country. Programs are designed to positively contribute to the UK economy and also help skilled and competent individuals settle and find a new life in the country. There are different reasons why the UK should be the preferred choice for migration from a diverse and multicultural society to the best free health care services in the world. But, one of the strongest and foremost reason for businessmen to move to the UK is that it has a strong economic hold. As a country it has London which is an unrivalled financial business center, there are attractive tax regimes for the high net worth investors, and investing in the country makes everything more secure as UK is a G8 member.

Now, let us look at the UK Investor Visa in detail in this piece.

What is Tier 1 UK Investor visa?

Investors who want to settle with a residency visa in the UK can choose the Tier 1 investment visa. It is for businessmen who are ready to invest £2 million in the country, and they can migrate with their families. The validity of the Visa is for 3 years and 4 months with the possibility of an extension of two years. After the span of five years, the applicant can apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK and later for and British citizenship after six years. For the UK there is no direct UK citizenship program through investment.

The Tier 1 UK Entrepreneur Visa was closed by the Un Government in March 2019 and it was replaced with the UK Innovator Visa and Start-Up Visa. The best part of these visas is that they help the innovating and budding business to showcase their skills in UK and meet the new or existing market demands provided both them and the country with a competitive advantage. Hence, the UK is a very growth-oriented country for businessmen as it helps them have structured business modules for operations and ample resources for growth in national and international markets.

Now Let look at the requirements for a Start-Up Category

The entrepreneurs with high potential can start a business in the UK and the following are the key conditions-

  • No minimum funds are required
  • Applicant should live in the UK with family for at least two years
  • The focus during this time should be on business development
  • After two years the visa can be shifted to the Innovator category Innovator Category

The UK Innovator category is the ideal program for the experienced businessmen, and the requirements are –

  • Minimum investment of £50,000
  • Applicant should live in the UK with family for at least three years
  • The focus during this time should be on business development
  • After three years shift to another Visa category or extend your stay

What are the requirements for the UK Investor Visa?

The U.K. Investor Visa Program is a three-tiered system that helps businesses invest at a higher level and then they are granted residency sooner. The eligibility requirements for UK Investor visa are -

  • To be able to financially provide for the family and also the dependents without any other employment outside the business or self-employment
  • The applicant should have the intention of making the UK his home and stay in the UK for at least 50 percent of their time to maintain the visa status
  • The applicant should be 18 years or over
  • Proof of funds that it is the applicants own money that is acquired through legal means or the money can also belong to your spouse, unmarried partner, or same-sex partner
  • The candidate should open an account at a UK bank for future transactions
  • At the time of application your money can be in the UK or even overseas
  • The applicant should score at least 75 points on the point calculation grid
  • Tier 1 Investor visas do not require any proof of funds for their English language proficiency

What are the documents required for U.K. Investor Visa Program?

Without proper documentation, immigration to the UK on any visa is not possible. Thus, Documentation is one of the most pertinent steps of relocation in any country.

For the U.K. Investor Visa Program the documents required are as follows:

  • Photograph
  • Valid Passport
  • Clean criminal record
  • Medical report - tuberculosis test results are essential
  • Translation documents if your papers are not in English or Welsh
  • Proof of investment funds- How much money you have? Where you earned it? Will you be able to transfer the money to the UK? If it is your partner’s money, then proof of certificate or partnership between you two

This is just a general list of documents that are required. There can be additional documents that can be asked to present at any time by the authorities depending on your candidature. Hence, a smart appellant will always be prepared with all the necessary documents. For this a reliable immigration consultant can be of a great and will help you overcome the hassle of last minute documentation chores.

What is the length of stay with the UK Investor Visa program?

The length of stay with the UK Investor Visa program will depend on the amount of money invested by the applicant. The minimum length of stay is three years and four months with a £2 million investment.

Rest, the break up provided below will be able to present a clear picture of the length of stay -

  • £2 million investment – Settlement after five years stay in the UK
  • Investment of £ 5 million – Settlement after three years stays in the UK
  • Investment of £ 10 million – Settlement after two years stays in the UK

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