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Can I apply for the Canada Tourist Visa?

Getting the Tourist Visa

The Canada Tourist visa is called the Temporary Resident Visa ( TRV). It is an approval for foreigners to travel and explore Canada unless they are from a visa-exempt country.

Types of Canada Temporary Resident Visa –
  • Single entry
  • Multiple entries

The applicants are automatically selected for the multiple entry visa and are permitted a single-entry visa under special circumstances. The Multiple entry visa is valid for six months and has a time frame of up to 10 years. The exact validity of the visa will depend on the discretion of the visa officer.

Who can apply for a visitor visa to Canada?

All those entering Canada will need a TRV if they don’t have a work permit, PR visa, or Canadian Citizenship.

How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India?

The steps are taken to apply for the Canada Tourist visa from India –

  • Step 1 – Submit your application for the Canada Tourist Visa
  • Step 2 - Give fingerprints and Biometrics
  • Step 3 - The documents are checked for authenticity
  • Step 4 – Pay the fee.

What are the documents required for a Canadian Tourist Visa?

The document list for the Canada Tourist Visa is as below –

  • Passport with six months remaining on the validity
  • Visa application form
  • Three passport-size photographs
  • Covering letter mentioning the details of the visit
  • Details about the stay and accommodation information
  • Itinerary for your stay in Canada
  • Air tickets
  • Leave application from employer, school, or college
  • Salary slip of the last six months
  • Income tax returns
  • Identity proof of every candidate
  • Bank statements and other financial documents.

What are the reasons for the rejection of the Canada Tourist Visa?

It happens less, but the reasons for the possible denial of the Tourist visa to Canada are –

  • The applicant might be a threat to security and has a criminal record
  • The applicant has been part of the organized crime
  • Medical conditions that can cause danger
  • Financial reasons and inability to take care of the monetary expenses.
  • Providing false documents for review.

What is the cost of a Canada Tourist Visa?

The cost of the Canada Tourist visa is as below –

  • Visitor Visa ( Super Visa per person) – CAD 100
  • Visitor Visa ( Family of Five or more) – CAD 500
  • Extend the stay ( Per person) – CAD 100
  • Restore Status as Visitor – CAD 200


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