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    Canada Tourist Visa

    Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)/ Tourist Visa/ Visitor Visa

    A lot of people want to visit Canada so that they can experience the beauty and versatility that this Country offers. The Visitor Visa for Canada is both single entry and Multiple Entry Visas. Those people who are visiting Canada with the TRV are not permitted to work in the Country. However, they are free to travel across the Country for Leisure.

    What is a Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)?

    The Temporary Resident Visa is called the TRV or a Canada visitor visa, and it can be applied by filling the form number IMM 5257. Through this form, one can visit Canada by filing the application that gives the permission to visit Canada for an ephemeral purpose, which could be for Leisure, visiting family or friends, or a business trip.

    Few things that can help understand the Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is-

    • Generally, the TRV Visa validity is only for Six months
    • It comes both as a Single entry and also as Multiple entry visas
    • The dependents and children are permitted in the TRV Visa
    • This Visa is for Leisure only
    • No Candidate is allowed to work on a Visitor Visa
    • The Processing time for a Visit visa is 2 to 3 weeks after submission.

    What are the Canada visit visa requirements?

    Those who are not PR status holders or don't have a work permit require a Visitor's visa to enter Canada. The Temporary Visa (TRV) is an official document that is needed along with your passport to allow admission in Canada.

    The Canada visit visa requirements are –

    • Intention of leaving the country after the expiry of Visitor visa
    • Proof of funds to help sustain oneself and the family
    • No criminal records
    • No Intention of working in Canada
    • Good moral and physical health
    • Provide a document to show your admissibility
    • The passport should be valid

    List of the documents for Canada Visit Visa requirements for Indian citizens–

    • Proof of funds for the entire visit period
    • The applicant should not be willing to take a Job on Visitor Visa
    • Clear moral character with no prior criminal record
    • In case one is staying with relatives, then a sponsoring letter should be provided

    What is the Canada PR Process?

    The PR processing of the application, which is done under the guidance of a good immigration consultant, will lead you to select the best immigration options in a hassle- free process.

    Getting a Canadian tourist visa entails the following steps –

    • Step 1 – One can register Online through the particular pathway
    • Step 2 - Documentation for PR visa
    • Step 3 – Track your PR application with the embassy
    • Step 4 – Avail of your Visa by mail

    What is the cost of a Canada Visitor Visa?

    Financial Planning is very important before you plan to visit Canada. To apply for a visitor visa online the cost is CAD 100 per person, plus there is an additional cost of CAD 85, which is the Biometrics fee. This doesn't include the cost of air tickets, accommodation and also other travel expenditures. It is best to plan your monetary expenditure beforehand and then take the decision on when, how long and how many people will be visiting Canada.

    New guidelines for the Travel Visa in the times of Corona Virus?

    The Candidate is allowed to enter Canada in case of two conditions

    • The applicants who are fully vaccinated qualify
    • The applicants who are coming to Canada for a Non -discretionary purpose

    The Candidate should not have any symptoms of COVID 19 and should have received full series of COVID 19 vaccines or a combination of the acceptable vaccinations. The last dose should be at least 14 days prior to the date you decided to enter Canada. The proof of vaccination should be uploaded on ArriveCan.

    How to extend the Canada Visitor Visas?

    Canada can make you fall in love with it. Therefore, if you are on a visit to Canada and you happen to find yourself in love with the place, then you can also extend your stay in the Country. For this, you need to reapply before the expiry of your visitor visa, or you need to apply for an extension. In this case, the form to fill is the IMM 5708 form, and you should be present in Canada when you fill this form.

    After getting the approval of your extension, the applicant will receive a visitor record. It will include –

    • The duration of your stay
    • The date you must leave Canada

    What about those who are planning to move to Canada?

    For all those people who are planning to immigrate to Canada, there are different portals and avenues available through which a candidate can immigrate to Canada. Still, the best mode of immigration is through the Permanent Residency(PR) status. The permanent residency (PR) Status is allotted to candidates for a minimum period of five years, and it entitles them to subsidized education and health care system. The two most popular channels through which a candidate can apply for the Permanent Residency(PR) status of Canada is –

    • Express Entry program
    • Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)


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