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What is the total cost for the Canada PR process?

The Canada PR visa fee will depend on many factors like the pathway chosen for immigration, currency rate, and the number of family members immigrating. There are some standard expenditures included as part of the total cost for the Canada PR process, and the applicant should analyze these costs weekly before they start the immigration proceedings. For this purpose, some professional services can also help you with the pre-assessment of the application so you can plan ahead.

Canada Permanent Residency (PR) is the reason a lot of people immigrate to Canada. The benefits are multitude – Free education, Free Healthcare, the law protects against unlawful activities, and the applicant also has the right to sponsor someone in Canada. There are more than 80 programs through which an applicant can relocate to Canada, and the processing time and Canada PR visa fee will depend on the program through which the applicant has chosen to migrate. Selecting the most suitable profile will depend on the options available to the applicant and also the requirements as per the profile. Further, it can be established that the cost of two steps permanent resident visa is substantially higher.

This piece is mainly directed towards the Canada visa fees for Indian so that the applicants can make an informed and smart decision related to their immigration.

Canada express entry fee structure

Having a large number of programs to apply for the Canada PR status makes it easier for the applicant to choose which program suits them. The immigration laws are also very flexible as the country is trying to combat the lack of skilled workers and the aging population. Canada is working towards boosting its economy, and in these times, it is ready to provide flexible immigration programs to help the young and skilled workers immigrate with ease.

The Cost of the Canada PR is calculated based on the chosen program and the number of family members who will be immigrating. The Canada PR status fee is one of the necessary expenses that you must submit. Once the processing charges of Canada PR application are paid online, then the Express Entry profile is valid for twelve months. After this, your profile will be valid in all the draws.

In the case of the Canada express entry fee structure, the PR cost will depend on the subcategory of Express Entry through which the applicant has decided to migrate. Also, there are value fluctuations as per the currency prices as well. The three Subcategories of the Express Entry are –

Apart from this, the Other Canada PR immigration programs are –

As per the currency rate, the Canada PR visa fee can go up and down. However, it is also observed that the Canada visa fees in Indian rupees will remain more or less the same.

Canada visa fees online CAD INR
The Application Fee for processing of Canada PR ($825) + The Right to Permanent resident Fee ($500) 1575 91,590.53
Application fee ( Without the right of Permanent residence) 825 47,993.64
Spouse / Common Law Partner processing fee ($825) + Right To Permanent Resident Fee ($ 500) 1575 91,590.53
Spouse / Common Law Partner processing fee ( With the Right To Permanent Resident Fee) 825 47,993.64
Dependent Child Fee 225 13,086.26

Required Proof Of Funds

Number Of Family Members Funds Required
1 CAD 13,213
2 CAD 16,449
3 CAD 20,222
4 CAD 24,553
5 CAD 27,847
6 CAD 31,407
7 CAD 34,967

To become a Canada, permanent residency holder, the applicant will have to pay the Right to Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF) at some point. It is advised that when one is paying the Canada visa fees online, it is best to pay the RPRF fee that time only; otherwise, there have also been cases when the Canada PR application has been delayed. Another option is that the applicant can pay the fee when he/she moves to Canada.

If in case the Canada PR visa application is rejected, then the RPRF fee will be automatically refunded to the applicant. Also, the RPRF is not paid on the following things –

  • Dependent Child
  • Sponsorship for Adopted Children
  • Orphaned Sibling or any other close relative
  • Protected persons

But this is not the only cost in the Canada visa fees for Indian there is another cost involved and below we will look in detail what are the other expenses involved.

Language Proficiency Test Cost (Rs 14,000)

The two official languages of Canada are – English and French, and establishing proficiency in one of the official languages is very important for immigration to Canada. For the English language, the two acceptable tests of Canada are – IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and CELPIP. The tests evaluate the parameters of spoken and written language both. The IELTS results are acceptable in more than 80 countries, and it is advised that one takes the IELTS test itself as it is acceptable in universities, colleges, even at some offices as well. Presently, the average cost of taking an IELTS test is 14,000. The test can be undertaken as many times as the applicant wants, but the applicant should remember that there is a two-year validity attached to the test. Also, the applicant is scored in bands ranging from 0 to 9. All those applicants who score a higher band have a higher chance of selection because of the increased points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points calculator.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

Before Immigration, every candidate should get the degrees, certificates, diplomas, and other educational documents occupied through any university verified. For this, there are many authorized regulatory bodies, and one of the most popular ones is WES. On average, the cost of getting an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) done through WES is CAD 230.

Medical Test Cost (Rs 5500)

No country wants unfit immigrants in its domain. Thus, getting a medical test done before immigration is mandatory no matter which pathway the applicant chooses for relocation. The doctors conducting the medical examination should be certified with the IRCC. The list of certified doctors can be found online on the website of IRCC. The medical test will include- Chest X-ray, Blood test, Eyes, ears and throat Check-up, HIV test among a few other general tests. The average cost of the medical test is Rs 5500. People with serious impending health conditions might find it difficult to get a Canada PR status.

Police Clearance Certificate ( Rs 500)

Whether or not the desiring applicant has a criminal record, he/she will be asked to provide a clean chit by the police pointing to a crime-free record. The certificate can be acquired from the nearest police station. It should verify that you hold no Criminal record, and if you have a criminal record in your name, then a reason for your conviction should be offered.

Proof Of Funds

One of the most pertinent documents to be submitted at the time of Immigration is the proof of funds. Apart from paying the Canada PR visa fee, the candidates should be able to establish that the applicant has the minimum required funds to support himself and his family members in Canada. The candidates who are applying through the immigration programs should provide their proof of funds. These funds should not include the total cost for the Canada PR process. To understand the Proof of funds please refer to the table below:

Number of family members Funds Required
1 CAD 12,699
2 CAD 15,772
3 CAD 19,390
4 CAD 23,542
5 CAD 26,701
6 CAD 30,114
7 CAD 33,528

The above-mentioned money amount is calculated on the basis of family members immigrating. The money should be able to support –

  • Yourself
  • Your dependent children
  • Your accompanying Spouse/ Common-law/ conjugal partner

The funds that you have proved should be available to you at all times. Therefore, showing your loans and borrowed funds and other equity and real estate is an important aspect of the proof of funds. If your spouse / common-law/ conjugal partner is immigrating with you, then you can show the funds in your joint account as proof.

Since financial stability is a must requirement before immigration to another country, the applicant should move ahead after careful planning only. After you have analyzed the immigration with Canada PR financial expenses, you can start the pre-assessment of your application.


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