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Canada is a big magnet for skilled workers who are looking for better prospects. It is a nation of enhanced living standards and also good infrastructure as well. It is relatively less populated and has a huge land area as well. Even in coronavirus times, the Canadian economy was much better placed than a lot of countries in the world; therefore, it is one of the best locations in the world to live with your family for a few years now.

There are different ways through which the appellant can help his family move to Canada if the appellant is a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.

What does the term spouse mean in Canada?

Canada is a very accepting and lenient country when it comes to the definition of the word “spouse”; it includes common-law partners and conjugal partners as well in the definition. The only criteria in the inclusion of the term are that the person can be of the opposite or same-sex, but the two of you should have lived together for at least a period of one year. Marriage is not a strict criterion in this regard, and live–in partners are also regarded as spouses. Also, even if the candidate is being sponsored by someone, there is still an individual evaluation of the profile by the CIC that will be conducted. However, please remember that Canada is eager to have skilled candidates in its domain who will contribute positively to its economy.

Who is eligible to sponsor a candidate to Canada?

It is not like anybody can sponsor anyone to Canada as per the will there are certain rules and regulations and also the eligibility criteria to be achieved so that the candidate is able to sponsor someone into Canada -

  • The sponsor of Parents and Grandparents must be at least 18 years of age
  • The candidate should be a Permanent Resident (PR) status holder or Canadian citizen
  • The candidate should have enough funds to help the sponsor survive in the interim time of till he finds a job to settle

The average time of processing for a spousal sponsorship is approximately 12 months, but depending on what the circumstances and the type of application of the candidate are, the processing time can be more or less than 36 months as well.

Parents and Grandparents Program 2021

Through this program, the applicant can get his parents and grandparents in Canada. Earlier, the selection in this program was on a random basis, but as there were a lot of appellants who were not considered in the process, there was a lot of frustration and disinterest created due to uncertainty. Now, the PGP program has recently become a First come, first serve basis program, and there is an aim of selecting 30,000 applicants through this category in 2021.

This program also has an eligibility requirement for selection which is provided below.

The eligibility decided that the immigrants will have a proper chance of living after they have relocated. The requirements are as follows:

  • or permanent residents, or in the case of Indians, he/she should be registered Indian under the Canadian Indian Act;
  • The Sponsor should be a major and at least 18 years old
  • The sponsors should be settled and working in Canada
  • The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) should ascertain that Sponsor is financially sound and will be able to take care of his parents after they have relocated to Canada.

a) Sponsor needs to Sign an undertaking of being able to Financially manage the immigration and also able to support the sponsored family members for at least a 20 years period and also can pay for social assistance.

b) There should be a separate undertaking that should be signed for Quebec province

Dependent Visa

The Dependent Visa will allow you to bring your dependents to Canada and you can help them with work or study after they have received their permits. Dependent Visa covers the following –

Your spouse or common-law partner or conjugal partner

  • Children under the age of 21
  • Parents or grandparents
  • An adopted child for a person with Canadian citizenship or PR
  • Your brother, sister, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt or other close relatives

You can sponsor these relations to live with you while you apply for a Work Permit in order to work in Canada.

Child visa for dependent children

  • An Adopted child can be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Child that the PR holders wish to adopt in Canada
  • Sponsor’s brother or sister, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter Provided that they are orphans or meet the eligibility criteria

The child will be solely dependent on the financial and emotional needs thus, the sponsoring parents need to bear in mind the repercussions before taking such a pertinent step.


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