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British Columbia Occupation List

British Columbia is highly in demand for semi-skilled workers and skilled workers in Canada. the province selects the applicants as per the labor market requirement, and to ease the process; there are different streams through applicant can relocate.

The stream for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are -

  • Skilled Immigration
    • Skilled Workers category
    • Health care professional category
    • International Graduate Category
    • International postgraduate Category
    • Entry-level Semi-Skilled Workers category
  • Entrepreneur Immigration
    • Entrepreneur category
    • Strategic projects category

Apart from this, there is another viral tech stream of British Columbia, and it can formulate the province as the next Silicon Valley of the country.

BC Tech Pilot Program

The candidate should have a job offer of at least one year, and the applicant should meet all the program eligibility requirements.

Considering the latest demand in the tech sector, the British Columbia province is prioritizing the tech pilot applications, and the employees are expected to submit a complete application, and their applications are expected to be submitted to the tech Piot Processing team within the next business day.nexinfotech

The tech pilot applications are processed faster than the BC programs. To be eligible for the tech pilot program of the British Columbia province, you should apply through the online portal and get registered under the Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS). The candidate can choose to proceed through the Skills immigration to the express entry BC category.

The BC PNP Occupation in demand for the year 2021 entails the following occupations-

Occupation in demand NOC Code
Retailer and Wholesale Trade Manager 0621
Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers 0121
Restaurant and Food Service Managers 0631
Construction Managers 0711
Corporate Sales Manager 0601
Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers 0122
Financial Managers 0111
Senior Managers- Financial, Communications & Other Business Services 0013
Computer & Information Manages 0213
Facility Operation & Maintenance Managers 0714
Senior Managers- Trade, Broadcasting & Other 0015
Human Resources Manager 0112
Accommodation Service Manager 0632
Managers in Social, Community & Correctional Services 0423
Managers in Transportation 0731
Engineering Managers 0211
Administrator-post-secondary & vocational training 0421
Financial Auditors & Accountants 1111
Information Systems Analysts & Consultants 2171
Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers 2174
College & Other Vocational Instructors 4021
University Professors & Lecturers 4011
Other Financial Officers 1114
Software Engineers & Designers 2173
Civil Engineers 2131
Mechanical Engineers 2132
Authors & Writers 5121
Architects 2151
Psychologists 4151


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