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Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is a stream that is designed to help aspiring candidates fill the shortage of labor in the Nova scotia region. The immigrants can be easily integrated into the region's workforce through different streams:-

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express entry system
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express entry system
  • Skilled workers stream
  • Family Business Worker stream

Now, let us briefly look at the Nova Scotia Demand: Express entry system to understand the immigration system aligned with the federal express entry system. It is the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Categories: A and Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Categories: B

The Nova Scotia demand: express entry Categories: A requires the appellants to have a full-time job from an employer in Nova Scotia along with meeting all the aligned requirements of express entry candidates. While the Nova Scotia demand Category B requires applicants to have at least twelve months of full-time work experience in the skilled worker's category and also eligible work experience in one of Nova scotia's In-demand occupation. Along with this, all the requirements of the Express Entry candidates should be met.

In category B, the applicants are accepted in periodic intakes, and the eligible applicants will have to wait for the program window to open before their application can be submitted. These submitted appellations are then processed on the "First come, first-serve basis." when the window opens, the qualified appellants can submit their profile, and when the program reaches its predetermined quota, then the window is stopped.

After the selection, the candidates have 30 days to submit all the required documents to the Nova Scotia region. The shortlisted candidates are also eligible for the 600 bonus points in the express entry program selection. This helps the candidate get the upper hand over all the other Canada Express Entry candidates and increases the chances of selection.

Now, let us consider the Nova Scotia Points Calculator 2020 in detail:

Factors Points
Education 25
Language 24
Work Experience 15
Age 12
Arranged employment 10
Adaptability 10

Meeting the Eligibility for Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a very diverse immigration model, and it allows the aspirants to relocate to the province with several excellent categories. The Nova Scotia Immigration model of express entry demand was introduced in 2015, and it is designed for highly skilled workers who have post-secondary education and other necessary requirements to settle in the Nova scotia region. The selection score is set at 67/100 on the point selection grid of Nova scotia, and presently, there are 29 eligible occupations in the list of qualifying occupations to move to Nova Scotia. Having language proficiency is considered a mandatory aspect of relocation, and the two official languages that are acceptable are – English and French.

The NSNP processing time can vary as per the case of the application, but y it takes around seven to eight months to move to the province provided that all documents are in place and the processing was conducted in a hassle free manner.


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