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Canada Immigration 67 Points Calculator is the score calculator for the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) under the Express Entry Program. Under it, the Canada Point system score is calculated out of 100, and all those applicants who secure 67 points they are shortlisted for immigration. The Selection factors are age, language skills, work experience, education, adaptability, and arranged employment.

The 67 points calculator or the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) is the express entry system's subcategory. It is designed to help the skilled workers live in Canada, especially those who have lived in Canada before.

The most popular program of Canada immigration is the Express entry program. it is categorized into three streams:-

This point is intended to help the applicant under the Canada Immigration 67 Points Calculator.

Canada immigration is completely point-based this the applicants who meet the minimum point score eligibility are selected for immigration. Each pathway and stream will have its eligibility criterion and selection procedure, along with the point evaluation method. For Canada 67 Point Calculator or FSWP, the applicants are scored out of 100, and those applicants who achieve the 67 points they are selected.

Hence, the name Canada 67 Point Calculator as 67 points are required to be eligible under the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP). For all those applicants who score pints below 67, their application gets rejected.

How does the Canada Immigration 67 Points Calculator work?

The Canada Immigration 67 Points Calculator is fairly easy and straightforward to understand. Still, when planning the immigration, it is always best to undertake the process under the specialized guidance of a mentor who will best explain the latest changes and little nuances attached to immigration proceedings. The 67 points calculator has been highly successful in making the dreams of thousands of immigrants come true with the latest updates to benefit the individuals' case.

The point score of 100 is used to assess the ability of the applicant and quantify his skills and talent. It cannot be underestimated that an applicant needs a high score to be selected. However, a score of 67 points can guarantee a selection. The selection factors are – Age, Language skills, Work experience, Education, Adaptability, and Arranged Employment.

The selection factors under the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) are:-

  • Age - It is one of the most pertinent factors for all those who wish to meet the Canada Immigration 67 Points Calculator From the age of 18 to 35, applicants are eligible for high scores, and as the age increases, the point score allotted will also decrease. The maximum points one can get for age is 12 points.
  • >Work Experience - Maximum points one can get for work experience is 15 points. If you work for 30 hours per week for 12 months in a full time working occupation in continuous work, then getting FSWP selection is easy, and one will get good points. If anyone has six years of work experience or more, then that applicant is liable for the maximum point score.
  • Language - English and French test are accepted in Canada. The applicants who score high points in language assessment tend to get a high Score in the point calculation grid as well. For someone who knows both languages, the point score is even higher. For English, the language tests are – CELPIP and IELTS, and for French, the popular test is TCF and TEF. Applicants can score as high as 28 points for language assessments.
  • Education - Every diploma/ degree/ certificate and credential needs to be evaluated to help the authorities assess the candidate's education qualification. Thus, there are regulatory bodies to help the process. The most popular one is the WES. The maximum points for education are 25
  • Arranged employment - The maximum points for arranged employment is 10 points. It means the candidate has a job offer from a Canadian company in hand before immigration. The job offer should be in a full-time occupation and should be at least one year to avail of the points.
  • Adaptability - Having someone in Canada can not only ease the things for you but also help you score extra points. or a relative or spouse in Canada. The applicant can get a different score of 10 points.

Let us now understand the 67 Points System in Canada Immigration with the help of the Table below:-

Selection Factors Maximum Points
Age 12
Educational Qualification 25
Work Experience 15
Language Score 28
Adaptability 10
Arranged Employment 10

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