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IRCC has just conducted the all-program express entry draw, and it is the third time in a row that 7000 applicants have been invited for permanent residency. The minimum comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score has been set at 481 points. It means all applicants with 481 points or more will be selected for permanent residency.

The Key Highlights Draw –

  • ITA- 7000
  • CRS- 481

The latest draw has one of the lowest CRS score requirements for an all-program draw since December 23, 2020. The last least required CRS score was 468. While the CRs score this time is more than the score requirements set last time, it is still among the lowest CRs score requirements recently.

In the past few weeks, IRCC has invited a large number of people, close to 21000. Express entry manages a large number of applications and invites applicants in three economic categories – Federal Skilled workers program, Federal Skilled Traders Program and Canadian Experience Class ( CEC) . The candidate can apply through any of the three programs for federal entry in the express entry system. An all-program draw is one in which the applicant is invited from all three streams. During the corona times, the program's specific draws were conducted in which the applicant was invited from only one of the categories. The pandemic times saw a lot of PNP and CEC-specific draws.
The CRS point scores are calculated through Human capital criteria such as Age, language, education,  and work experience. The IRCC conducts the express entry draw after every two weeks. The last two express entry draws were conducted on March 15 and March 23, respectively; in each of these draws, 7000 applicants were invited.
After an ITA is received, the applicant will get 60 days to submit a  permanent residency application. IRCC processes these applications in six months.

Canada's immigration level plan 2023 - 2025 target is set at inviting 83,000 immigrants via Express Entry this year. With every passing year, the target is expected to increase, and it will be close to 109,000 in 2024 and 114,000 in 2025.
Apart from this, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)  has also emerged as the leading economic class immigration pathway in the last few years. Most of the provinces and territories operate on the lines of their own PNP, and the applicants are nominated as per the economic needs of the region. The Canada  PNP targets are set at 106,000 immigrants in 2023,  around 110,000 in 2024, and nearly 118,000 in 2025.
A lot of provinces have also announced the new PNP allocations, and the largest allocations will be from Ontario, which up to 18,000 immigrants in 2025. those applicants who are nominated by a province are eligible for 600 bonus points in the federal express entry point calculation.
Canada is expected to invite a lot of people in recent times for immigration. Thus a large number of draws, both federal and provincial nominated, are expected to happen in the near times.

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