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Draws conducted in Four Provinces in Canada

In the recent Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws, several Canadian provinces have nominated candidates for immigration. These nominations are a crucial step towards permanent residency in Canada, as they significantly strengthen the candidate's application with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

Here's a breakdown of the provincial immigration results from December 19 to 29:

Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia:

On December 19, British Columbia issued invitations to apply for provincial nomination to 230 Skilled Worker and International Graduate candidates of the BC PNP.
Invitations were issued in four draws targeting specific in-demand occupations:
•    The largest draw was for tech occupations, inviting 107 candidates with a minimum score of 95.
•    A draw for 32 candidates in construction occupations with a minimum score of 75.
•    Two additional draws invited 29 candidates in healthcare occupations and 62 early childcare educators and assistants, both with a minimum score of 60.



Manitoba held multiple draws in December:
•    On December 21, the province invited 1,113 candidates under the Skilled Workers Overseas category with a minimum score of 601.
•    On December 28, Manitoba held three separate draws:
160 Skilled Workers in Manitoba with close relatives in the province (minimum score 612).
67 International Education candidates.
27 Skilled Workers Overseas with a minimum score of 698, invited as part of a strategic recruitment initiative.
•    On December 29, 89 invitations were issued to candidates meeting criteria under the Special Measures for Ukraine, who also qualified as Skilled Workers Overseas and had close relatives in Manitoba.


On December 27, Saskatchewan invited 63 candidates through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). This was the first SINP draw since October 23.

The draws included 48 Occupations-in-Demand candidates and 15 Express Entry candidates, all of whom needed a minimum score of 69 and Educational Credential Assessments.

Prince Edward Island:

Prince Edward Island (PEI) invited 26 candidates from the Labour and Express Entry streams of the PEI PNP. These candidates needed to be working in healthcare, construction, and food processing sectors to be eligible.
Additionally, three candidates with a minimum score of 92 were invited from the Business 

Work Permit Entrepreneur category.

These provincial nominations are a vital pathway for individuals seeking to become permanent residents of Canada. Each province has its criteria and priorities for selecting candidates, reflecting their unique economic and demographic needs. The Provincial Nominee Program plays a crucial role in supporting Canada's diverse labor market and regional development goals.

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