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Recently, the IRCC announced the express entry draw. The ITAs were issued in large numbers to all program categories, and the total number of invites was 3500. The applicants were selected based on the CRS point score of 483.
This was the eleventh draw of 2023, and selected applicants from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

The Key Highlights of the Draw –

  • ITA – 3500
  • CRS score – 483

The draw prior to this was conducted on April 12, in which 3500 applicants were selected. This time as well, the number of ITAs has remained the same. However, the point score requirement has gone down by three points. In the last draw, the point required was 486 instead of 483 this time.
The highest number of applicants were invited this year in March when all three draws on March 15, March 23, and March 29  invited 7000 candidates each. These were all bi-weekly draws, and the point score requirement ranged from 481 to 486 points. The draw size and high CRS scores requirement is analogous to the 2022 and early 2023 patterns.

March was a remarkable month for ITAs

There were four express entry draws in the month of March. The first draw was on March 1, in which 667 applicants got ITA targeting only PNP applicants. Followed by three all-program draws.
The month of March saw over 21000  ITAs, with each draw selecting 7000 applicants. It is the second highest of invites in a single month in the history of Express Entry draws. Before this, the highest number of ITAs were issued in Feb 2021 when in a single draw, 27332 CEC applicants were selected by the IRCC.

What is expected from the Express entry draws in the coming months?

IRCC has complete autonomy over the ITAs and the CRS score requirement. Thus, it cannot be predicted when the next Express entry draw will be conducted or what could be the next CRS score. However, as per the latest trends and patterns, an assumption can be made for the future. This year IRCC is targeting 82800 ITAs through the express entry; thus, it can be expected that there will draw a number of draws in which a lot of ITAs will be issued.
This year has already surpassed the number of ITAs issued in 2022 by this time of the year, and with Bill 19 in motion, the draws are expected to be highly specific in the coming months.

What is the Express Entry Program?

The ideal way of Canadian immigration for a Skilled Worker is the express entry program. The candidate can apply through any of the three streams – Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, or Canadian Experience Class (CEC).   The selection is point based, and the candidates who achieve the highest score in the CRS tool score calculator receive the ITA.

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