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IRCC issues invite to 2,500 candidates in the latest category based Express Entry draws

In the latest Express Entry draw held by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) there were  2,500 candidates invited to apply for  Canada permanent residence. This draw specifically targeted candidates with strong French language proficiency. It was the second draw of the week and came one day after the general  Express Entry Draw. To qualify, candidates needed to attain a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 336.

The Key Highlights of the Draw –

  • ITA - 2500
  • CRS score - 336

This draw follows a previous general draw on February 28, where 1,410 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 534 were invited to apply. The General draws consider candidates from all three Express Entry managed programs. This week’s draws bring the total number of invitations issued in February to 13,610 across five draws, two of which were general and three category-based selections focusing on candidates with strong French proficiency, healthcare occupations, and agriculture and agri-food occupations.

Summary of the Express Entry Draw 2024

Date ITA CRS score
Jan 10 1510 546
Jan 23 1040 543
Jan 31 730 541
1 Feb 7000 365 ( French language)
13 Feb 1490 535
14 Feb 3500 422 ( Healthcare Occupations)
16 Feb 150 437 ( Agriculture and Agro- foods)
28 Feb 1470 534
1 March 2500 336 ( French Speaking category)

IRCC introduced category-based selection rounds in May 2023, offering invitations to candidates who met the criteria for one of six specific categories, including-

  • Healthcare occupations, 
  • STEM professions,
  • Trades occupations,
  • Transport occupations,
  • Agriculture and agri-food occupations,
  • Strong French proficiency. 

Express Entry Draw Meritide Visa

Despite earlier suggestions of potential changes, IRCC confirmed on February 13 that these categories would remain unchanged for 2024. The selection of these categories followed consultations with various stakeholders, including provincial and territorial governments, settlement services, Canadian businesses, and employers.

What is the Express Entry System?
Express Entry serves as a management system for immigration applications, streamlining the process for economic immigration candidates across three programs: 

•    the Federal Skilled Worker Program, 
•    the Canadian Experience Class, 
•    the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Utilizing the Comprehensive Ranking System, candidates are evaluated based on various attributes such as occupation, education, language ability, work experience, and age. The highest-scoring candidates receive invitations to apply for permanent residence.

Candidates who receive a nomination through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) gain an additional 600 CRS points, significantly enhancing their chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply. Once an ITA is received, candidates have 60 days to submit their final application for Canadian permanent residency to IRCC.

What does it look like for future enrolments in 2024?
As we look ahead the IRCC aims to welcome 110,770 new permanent residents in 2024 through Express Entry, representing a notable increase from the previous year's target of 82,880 newcomers. This trend is set to continue, with projected numbers stabilizing at 117,500 in 2025 and 2026. Additionally, starting in 2025, Canada will increase its allocation for new permanent residents through the PNP to 120,000, positioning provincial pathways as the primary route for welcoming new economic immigrants.

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