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The IRCC conducts the latest provincial nominee program.

Three Canadian provinces - British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba have recently selected appellants in the   PNP draws to help the economic conditions of the province. There is a need to fill the labour market gaps in these regions.

For the provincial Nomination, either the appellants can be picked from the express entry pool ( enhanced PNP), or they can also apply to a provincial nominee program stream directly ( base nomination ).

Getting a Provincial nomination from a region can make the chances of selecting an applicant in the express entry easier, as someone gets eligible for 600 bonus points in the total score calculation category. The nominated applicants are still allowed to complete a separate IRCC application.  

Provincial immigration Draw results October 6-12

British Columbia

The IRCC conducts the latest provincial nominee program

The recent BC PNP Draw was conducted on October 11,  and the province invited more than 180 candidates. The applicants were selected in the targeted draws for candidates in the Skilled Worker category and International Graduate categories (including Express Entry candidates).

The largest draw invited 118 candidates in tech occupations. The minimum score was 90 points. In the remaining three draws, the candidates in each occupation are required to score 60 points
• Early childhood educators and assistants: 45
• Healthcare professionals: 17
• Other priority occupations: less than five


The province of Manitoba conducted four draws on October 5 and invited 52 applicants. There were two draws in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba category. The first  draw was an occupation-specific draw for 219 candidates employed in professions that fell under National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021 major groups



  • 72 - Technical trades and transportation officers and controllers
  • 73 - General trades
  • 75 - Helpers and labourers and other transport drivers, operators and labourers

The candidates needed a minimum score of 610 to be considered. For the second skilled worker draw, the applicants needed a minimum score of 629 points, and 222 applicants were invited.  

The other two draws of Manitoba were also general draws, and they invited 41  applicants from the Skilled Worker Overseas category with the least required score of 601 and 60 candidates from the International Education stream.


The Alberta province conducted a very small draw on October 10 and invited only 13 candidates from the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Alberta job offer stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. The applicants under this stream were also the express entry appellants with the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 327.

For the Alberta province, there are 1462 allocations due, and there are less than ten applications in the queue at the moment. Thus, the fate of 1383 applications remains to be seen.  

Canada's immigration setup significantly impacts the provincial Nominee programs as they have the authority to decide the fate of applicants who wish to live and work in their region. Soon after Nomination, PNP doesn't allow you to work immediately, but one can apply for a work permit until the Nomination is achieved.   

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