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IRCC's latest express entry all-program Draw invites 3,725 candidates

The IRCC’s new express entry draw is out, and it has selected 3725 applicants in the latest round of all program draws. The Minimum Comprehensive ranking system score was set at 500

 The key highlights of the Draw –

  • ITA – 3725 (All program)
  • CRS score -  500

This Draw comes after three consecutive draws in September – September 25, September 26, and September 27. The first Draw invited 3,000 applicants with a CRS score 504 in the all-program draw. The second Draw of September 27 invited 500 candidates in an Express entry category-based draw for French-speaking proficiency with a minimum CRS of 472, and the third Draw was on September 28 and invited 600 candidates with a minimum CRS of 354 in agriculture and agri-food occupations. This is the first Category-based Draw for Agriculture.


Date ITA CRS score
10th October 3725 500
28th September  600 354 (Agriculture and agri-food occupations)
27th September 500 472 (French Language )
26th September 3000 504
20th September 1000 435 (Transport Occupations)
19th September 3200 531
15th August 4300 496
3rd  August 1500 388 (trade occupations)
2nd  August 800 435 (French Proficiency)
1st  August 517 2000
12th July 800 375 (French language proficiency)
11th July 800 505
7th  July 2300 439 (French language proficiency)
6th  July 1500 463 (Healthcare occupations)
5th  July 500 486 (STEM occupations)
4th  July 700 511
28th June 500 476 (Healthcare occupations)
27th June 4300 486
8th  June 4800 486
24th May 4800 488
10th May 589 691 ( PNP)
26th April 3500 483
12th April 3500 486
29th March 7000 481
23rd March 7000 484
15th March 7000 490
1st  March 667 748 (PNP)
15th February 699 791
2nd  February  3300 489 (Foreign Skilled Worker Program)
1st  February 893 733 (PNP)
18th January 5500 490
11th January  5500 507

The IRCC report  released for Express Entry  for 2022

IRCC's latest express entry all-program Draw invites 3,725 candidates

The annual report of the IRCC has been released on express entry, and it has found that there were 24 Express Entry draws in 2022 as per, which  46,539 ITAs were issued. This is 59% fewer ITAs than in 2021 (114,431).

This could be because of the break in the Express Entry draws for Federal High Skilled programs between September 2021 and July 2022.

A large number of invites were issued to applicants in the  Provincial Nominee Program (19,258) and the Canadian Experience Class (18,895) in 2022.   It was only 8,386 ITAs for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and no ITAs for the Federal Skilled Trades Program in 2022.
The most common occupations that received the ITAs were information systems and Food service supervisors and cooks.

What is  Express Entry category-based selection?

To meet the expected labor market demand, the Canadian Government has started the categorical selection of applicants under the express entry program, and it will include the occupations that are in high demand in Canada. In 2023 there are six such occupations, and they are -

• Healthcare;
• STEM professions;
• Trades;
• Transport;
• Agriculture and agri-food; and
• Strong French abilities

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