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Targeted Category-based Express Entry draw Canada

IRCC sent invitations for French speakers on August 2 and selected the applicants in the latest draw. The draw selected 800 applicants with French language proficiency, and the minimum required Comprehensive ranking system score was set at 435 Points.

The Key Highlights of the Draw –

  • ITA – 800
  • CRs score – 435

This year in May, the IRCC decided to hold category-based express entry draws to help select the applicants in the specific occupations with the labor crunch. These draws will be conducted alongside the regular express entry draws and will help meet the country's economic requirements. 

Targeted Category-based Express Entry draw Canada

 The six categories which have been selected by the IRCC for 2023 are -

  • Healthcare
  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions
  • Trades, such as carpenters, plumbers, and contractors
  • Transport
  • Agriculture and agri-food
  • Strong French language proficiency

The last few Express entry draws. 

The latest  Express Entry draw apart from this was the draw conducted on August 1, in which  2,000 candidates in an all-program Express Entry draw got selected with the minimum CRS score requirements of 517.

If the first all-program express entry draw of August and the first one after July 11, where 800 applicants were selected with a CRS score of 505. One day after which, a  new draw selected 3800 applicants in the category-based selection with a minimum score of 375 points. Thus, the pattern remains the same for the month of August as well, when a category-based draw of French applicants follows an all-program draw.

Canada's Francophone immigration target in 2023 

Last year Canada invited a record-breaking number of French-speaking applicants outside the Quebec region. The numbers reflected a 4.4 % integration. This speaks volumes about the commitment to Francophone integration in Canada.

This year also, there is an aim to invite a large number of French-speaking applicants in regions outside Quebec. The Nova Scotia province is set to launch a "francophone "Immigration action plan as well  to attract French learners and speakers. Going by these targets and channels, the French Language is expected to play an important role in the immigration process in the coming years. 

What is an express entry program?

The express entry program is a skilled workers relocation program that is point based. It helps the applicants to get selected based on their ranking. The ranks are assessed by calculating the score of the applicants in terms of Language, work experience, education, and age. Those who score high in these areas are picked from the pool of applicants by the IRCC and provided with the ITA.

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