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The new Express Entry draw of IRCC invites 4800 applicants

IRCC comes up with the thirteenth Express Entry draw of 2023. This is a draw bigger than the last one as it has invited 4800 applicants in an all-program draw. The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score is set at 488 points.

It is the first all-program draw of IRCC since April 26. The Applicants are selected in all three streams of Express Entry -  Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Workers Program, and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

The Key Highlights of the Draw:

  • ITA - 4800

  • CRS – 488

The draw prior to this one was conducted on May 10, in which only 589 applicants were selected in the Provincial Nominee program category. The applicants in the express entry pool are nominated for the province based on their preferences and credentials.

How have the express entry draws been in 2023?

The Express entry draw of 2023 has displayed a string pattern concerning the number of candidates invites and the frequency of the draws.

In January, we saw a per-pandemic pattern, and it appeared that things had returned to normal. This scenario changed in February, and four program-specific draws were conducted between February 1 and March 1. Later, there was one draw each in March, and over 21000 applicants got selected in the month. It was the second-highest number in Express entry draws history in a month.   April again showcased a pre-pandemic pattern where there was a draw every two weeks, and later this year,  IRCC will be holding draws that will target the express entry applicants with specific attributes rather than a high CRS score.
Now, things are expected to take a swing as the BILL C 19 has received a Riyal Assent in June 2022. Bill C 19 will invite applicants as per the occupational demand and help meet the economic goals of Canada by easing the labor shortage in specific sectors.

Express entry draws are at the discretion of the IRCC, and as per the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, there is no rule that will determine when the next draw will be conducted. Now both can also predict the CRS score or the number of applicants.    IRCC doesn’t have any fixed pattern that will help the applicants determine the next things.

What is the express entry program?

The express entry program was started as a channel for skilled workers and allowed point-based evaluation. The three streams of the program are – Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

The applicants are selected as per the Point based score, which is calculated with the help of the Comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score. Those applicants who receive the high rank are given the ITA, which needs to be submitted with the help of the documents in the next 60 days.

As per the Canada Immigration level plan 2023 – 205, there will be 82000 applicants who will be provided PR status through the Federal Skilled Workers Program of the express entry.

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