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UK's Illegal Immigration Bill  - "Stop the Boats"

Recently a new Bill was passed by the British Government which aims to stop people from seeking asylum who arrive in the UK on small boats. These are the unauthorized immigrants that the UK government now wishes to control. The UK's prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced the new "Stop the boats" plan, which will make it illegal to cross the English Channel illegally from neighbouring countries like France.

In 2022 it was recorded that 45,755 people crossed the English Channel in small boats to reach the UK. It included men, women, and children. It has only been three months since 2023, but 3000 people have already crossed these channels, and going by the latest figures, the numbers are expected to be 80,000 this year if correct measures are not taken in time.

This new bill is an attempt to stop these small boats' travel once and for all. The opposition leaders of the Tory Government are critical of the plan and stated that these measures are doomed to be halted, and challenges will be faced in the European Court of Human Rights.

How does the Bill fit into the Human rights legislation?

Suella Braverman speaking about the Illegal immigration bill was unable to confirm if it will be compatible with the European Human rights issued.   However, there is a section 19 (1) ( b) inserted in the bill that emphasizes the right to proceed. Baverman spoke about the bill leaving the route of "new global route" administered by the UNHCR open to immigrants. This will mean an orderly system with proper measures met for housing and  public services.

A former parliamentary lawyer, Alexander Horne, said that this statement is a "Big red Flashing light".

As per the current system, the applicant should be UK as per the current system.

What will happen if someone is detained on a small boat in the UK?

If the applicant arrives in the UK via the irregular route, then they will be detained for 28 days. These  people will also have their asylum claim deemed "inadmissible" even if they are from a war-torn country such as Afghanistan or Syria.

While these measures might seem difficult to accomplish at present, they are certainly a big step for the UK government and needs to be taken after careful implementation. If successful, it is a big step for the UK.

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