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    How to apply for the Visitor Visa of the Czech Republic?

    The Czech Republic became a Schengen Areas member and the EU state member in 2007. If you wish to travel to the region, then you cannot apply without a Visa.

    Different types of Visa for the Czech Republic are –

    • Czech Republic Tourist/ Visitor Visa - It is for people who wish to travel to the Czech Republic for a short period of time for Sightseeing or for visiting family or friends.
    • Czech Republic Visa for business purposes- Those who wish to attend a conference, meeting, or research about future business prospects can use this Visa for a short trip.
    • Czech Republic Visa for Medical purposes – In case of a medical Situation, a persona can use this Visa for Medical care in the Czech.
    • Czech Republic Visa for cultural, Sports, Film crew, or religious purposes – As per the purpose and nature of the visit, the applicant can apply for the Visa and enjoy an event in the Czech.
    • Czech Republic Airport transit visa – For those who need to take a halt in Czech before reaching the destination.

    What are the documents needed for the Visitor Visa of the Czech Republic?

    All your documents should be proper if you wish to be considered for the visitor visa of the Czech Republic.

    • Passport – it should be valid for at least three months beyond the return date.
    • A copy of your return ticket Reservation
    • Photographs- the picture should be recent
    • A cover letter that will include your purpose of visit
    • Flight Itinerary along with the reservation details
    • Proof of accommodation
    • Proof of sufficient financial means that will help with travel and stay at Czech

    How much is the Visitor visa fee for the Czech Republic?

    The Short-term Schengen Visa for the Czech Republic, which is valid from 90 days to 180 days, will cost USD 90 for one, two, or multiple entries. There is no application fee for applying for the Visa.

    What is the processing time for a Visitor Visa to the Czech Republic?

    The Processing time for Visitor Visa for the Czech Republic is ideally 15 days, and it can be extended to 30 to 60 days in case of special circumstances. This will happen depending on your case and if there are additional scrutiny of the application is required. In such a case, the applicant can also be asked for additional documents. Till the time satisfactory information is received, the visa application will not be cleared.


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