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    How to apply for a Visitor Visa in Denmark?

    Denmark is a member of the European state, and It also became a member of the Schengen area in 2001.

    The Visa is required for Denmark in different cases–

    • For citizens of Nordic Country
    • For People who don’t belong to EU / EAA Country
    • Or for a family member of an EU / EEA national

    You cannot visit Denmark without a Visa, and there are different options to choose from –

    • Danish Tourist / Visitor Visa – For people who wish to visit Denmark for Sightseeing or Visiting family or friends.
    • Denmark Visa or Business purposes – Those who wish to visit Denmark for Conference, Business meetings or research for their work
    • Denmark Visa for Medical purpose - Those who wish to visit the country for medical reasons and seek treatment
    • Denmark Visa for Cultural, Sports, Film Crew, or Religious purpose - People who wish to visit Denmark for an event or similar purpose visit
    • Denmark visa for study – Students can immigrate to Denmark for short-term courses or certification courses.
    • Denmark Airport Transit Visa – With this Visa, an applicant can take a halt in Denmark before reaching the destination.

    What are the documents required for a Denmark visitor visa?

    The Visa documents need to be proper, and they need to fit all the eligibility criteria for the hassle-free immigration process. The required documents for a Denmark Visitor visa are –

    • Passport with at least six months validity
    • Visa application form
    • Two Recent photographs
    • A personal cover letter which will have details of the purpose of visit to Denmark
    • Financial stability to pay for the duration of stay in Denmark

    What is the cost of a Visitor Visa to Denmark?

    The standard fee for a Visitor Visa of Denmark is EUR 90, and it must be paid when you go to submit the visa application. For children who are 6 to 12 years old, the Standard fee is EUR 45. Since 2019 the application for the Denmark Visa has become online, and the applicant can also pay the fee through the online channels. However, you should remember to print the cover letter and payment receipt.

    What is the processing time for Denmark Visitor Visa?

    Ideally, the processing time is 15 days in the normal situation; it can take up to 60 days in special circumstances when depending on the case, additional scrutiny will be required. Thus, it is best to get all your documents in place before starting your visa processing.


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