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    How to get a Finland Visitor Visa?

    Finland is a popular tourist destination surrounded by 73 % Forest and has 2,00,000 lakes. The northern lightning view is once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Finland is a European State Member and it became a Schengen Visa member in 2001. If you wish to visit Finland, then you can apply with the help of the following visa options –

    • Finland Tourist/ Visitor Visa - It is for those people who wish to go sightseeing or visit family or friends in Finland
    • Finland Visa for Business Purposes – Those people who wish to go to Finland for a Business meeting, conference or any other proposal can use this visa.
    • Finland Visa for a medical purpose - it is for those people who require medical care and assistance from Finland.
    • Finland Visa or Cultural, Sports, Film crew, or religious Purpose – depending on the Purpose of visit for an event, seminar, etc., the applicant can use this visa to Visit Finland.
    • Finland Via for Study, training, and research - This visa can be used for study in short-term courses or training or research purpose for a Doctorate program, etc.
    • Finland Airport transit visa. This allows the applicant to take a Halt in Finland before one can reach the final destination.

    What are the documents required for the Finland Visitor Visa?

    The documents need to be proper if one wants to apply for a Finland Visitor Visa. These are –

    • A Valid passport which should have at least three months after you return from your visit
    • Visa application form attached to your documents
    • An identity pictures
    • Travel insurance and Travel Itinerary
    • Proof of accommodation from your stay in Finland – Invitation letter from a family or friend about the stay in Finland

    How to apply for a Visitor Visa in Finland?

    If your wish to apply for a Visitor Visa of Finland then this is what you need to do –

    • Step 1 – Fill out your application visa form
    • Step 2 - Compile all your documents together
    • Step 3 - Find a local Finnish Mission
    • Step 4 – Make an appointment
    • Step 5 – Prepare for an Interview

    What is the cost of a Visitor Visa to Finland?

    The Tourist visa fee for Finland is EUR 80 for an Adult. For children between the age of 6 to 11 years, the fee is EUR 40, and for children under six years old, the fee is free. There is also no charge for those who have a diplomatic passport.


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