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How to apply for a Hungry Visitor Visa?

Hungary is a beautiful landlocked country in central Europe and is known for its hot springs. It is part of the Schengen area which has 26 countries and you can travel to and fro between these countries without any visa. However, you need a Schengen visa which is valid for 90 days and can extend up to six months. If you are a Non-European citizen, then it is mandatory for you to get a Hungarian Schengen Visa.

What are the main types of Hungarian Visa?

For short duration, the following Visa types can help you procure a stay
  • Airport transit visa – If you need to pass through the Hungarian Airport before you reach your destination, then you will need this Visa
  • Tourist visa _ if you are planning on exploring or sightseeing in Hungary, then you will need this Visa
  • Visitor Visa - those who wish to visit their family or friends on this Visa
  • Business Visa – for those whip ola to visit Hungary for a Meeting or Conference
  • Medical Visa – those who wish to visit Hungary for medical reasons and get adequate care
  • Study Visa - If you wish to visit Hungary and study for a short course of Maximum of three months
  • Cultural, Sports, and Film crew Visa - depending on your purpose of visit, you can get this Visa for an event.

What are the documents needed for a Hungary visitor visa?

The documents that are needed for a Hungary visitor Visa are listed below:
  • Visa application form
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Old passports (If any)
  • Your passport should not be older than ten years and should have a validity of at least three months left.
  • A formal cover letter stating your purpose of visit
  • Medical Insurance for Schengen region – the insurance should have a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000
  • A proof of financial stability that will establish that you will be able to handle your expenditure while your stay in Hungary – bank statements
  • Travel Itinerary – hotel Bookings, flight tickets, etc.
  • A government-issued ID – Aadhar, Driver’s license. etc

What is the cost of a Hungary Visitor Visa?

From Feb 2, 2020 that rate has been revised, and now all the people who wish to have a Schengen visa need to pay EUR 80 for adults for minors; the cost is EUR 40. The processing time is ideally 15 to 20; thus, it is best to apply in advance and manage the travel dates accordingly.


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