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    How to apply for a Lithuania Visitor Visa?

    Lithuania is located in the Northeastern part of Europe and is known for its flatlands, beautiful Landscapes, forests, and lakes. It has very impressive images that have attracted a lot of tourists over the years. Lithuania is a cold country with warm people and one of the cheapest destinations in Europe.

    If you belong to a non – European nation, then you need a Visitor Visa for Lithuania. You can apply for a Schengen Visa, which is valid for 90 days to 180 days and allows the applicant access to over 29 countries.

    What are the different types of Visas available for Visiting Lithuania?

    Different Reasons and purpose of visit allows you to Visit Lithuania and to depend on the choice you can choose –
    • Schengen Visa - The Visa is valid for 90 days and is for all the Schengen reasons; it can also be extended.
    • Tourist visa- If you want to explore Lithuania on vacation and go Sightseeing, then you can apply for a Tourist Visa
    • Visitor Visa – The applicant can apply for a Visitor visa if he/she wishes to meet friends or family in another country
    • Airport transit Visa – You can take the halt in Lithuania whole traveling your destination with the help of the Airport Transit visa
    • Business Visa – With the help of the business visa, the applicant can attend a meeting or a conference in Lithuania
    • Medical Care Visa – The applicant can get good medical care while in Lithuania with the help of the medical care visa
    • Study Visa – The applicants can undertake a short-term course of three months with the study visa of Lithuania
    • Cultural, Sports, Film Crew Visa - Depending on the purpose of visit to Lithuania these visas are applicable.

    What are the documents required for the Lithuania visitor Visa?

    The improper documents can result in the rejection of the application. Thus make sure all your documents are proper before you submit your visitor visa application –

    • A valid passport with six months of validity remaining
    • Two passport size photographs
    • A complete visa application form with all details
    • A valid ID proof – Aadhar, Drivers license, etc
    • Proof of financial stability - Bank statements of last six months
    • Travel insurance of at least EUR 30,000 will be valid in the entire Schengen region
    • Itinerary of the travel - Flight books and hotel booking.

    What is the cost of a Lithuania Visitor visa?

    The fee for a Lithuania is approximately EUR 80 for an adult. It needs to be paid in Euros only, so you need to keep in mind the exchange rate while making the fee payment. The fee payment can be made online as well.


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