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    How to Get a South Africa Visitor Visa?

    Foreign nationals require a visa to enter South Africa. The Visa in South Africa for Tourism and business purposes is valid for 90 days. The tourist visa is provided for sightseeing, vacation, or meeting with friends and family.

    There are some countries that are exempted from the visa process for the Travel to South Africa, such as Belgium, the Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina. The Visa is not issued at the South Africa Ports of entry, and you should have a visa in hand before you board as a passenger. If you arrive without a visa, then you will be put on a flight back to your home country.

    South Africa Evisa allows entry into the country and has increased the number of visitors since it was introduced. There are many countries eligible for the South Africa E visa, and they include Cameroon, Dr. Congo, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt. Kenya, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Uganda.

    What are the steps to apply for the South Africa Evisa for Indians?

    The steps to get a South African visa are –
    • Step 1 – Fill out the South African E visa Form
    • Step 2 – Pay the visa fees and submit the application
    • Step 3 - Receive the South African Visa by email

    What are the documents that you need for South Africa visitor Visa?

    The list of essential documents for South Africa visitor Visa include -
    • A passport is valid for at least 30 days and should have at least one unused page for an entry.
    • A complete form BI – 84
    • A yellow fever vaccination certificate
    • Two colored passport size photographs
    • For children traveling with you need to provide additional documents such as birth certificates and proof of guardianship.
    • Proof of financial means to be able to sustain yourself during your stay in South Africa
    • The purpose of your Visit
    • A travel Itinerary – Flight bookings and Hotel bookings

    What is the cost of a South Africa Visitor visa?

    The cost of a Visitor Visa for Visitor visa section 11 (i)(b) ( i), Visitor visa section 11 (i)(b) ( ii), Visitor visa section 11 (i)(b) ( iii), and Visitor visa section 11 (i)(b) ( iv) is R 425 plus the VFS service charge of 1550. There is no application fee for visitor visa Section 11 (6), but the VFS service charge of 1550 will be applicable.


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