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How to get the Austria Visitor Visa?

Austria is a German Speaking Country, and it is among the rich countries in the European Union. It is a member of the EU member state; thus, the Non – EU nationals will have to present some travel and identification documents to cross the Austria border. They are –

  • A valid passport – The passport should be valid for at least three months after the date of your departure.
  • A visa – It is as per the Austrian Regime.

The Border authorities will ask you dew questions about your trip to Austria –

  • The Purpose of your Visit to Austria?
  • How long do you plan to stay in Austria?
  • Where are you going to Stay in Austria?

What type of Visas do you need to Enter Austria?

If you are visiting Austria on a short trip then you can apply for Schengen Short Stay Visa or C type Visa.

These types of Visas are –
  • Austrian Airport Visa – It is for those who need to transit through one of the Austrian Airports and reaches a destination outside Schengen Area
  • Austrian Tourist Visa - For those who want to go to Austria for holidays or sightseeing.
  • Austrian Visitor Visa - For those who wish to enter Austria to visit Family o friends
  • Austrian Business Visa – For those who want to enter Austria for business activities
  • Austria Visa for an official visit - For those who want to enter Austria on an official trip
  • Austrian Medical visa – Those who wish to enter Austria for Medical reasons.
  • Austria Visa for Cultural., Sports and Film crew – The People who wish to attend an activity in Austria
  • Austrian Study Visa - People who want to attend a course in Austria that is for up to three months.

When do you want to apply for a Visitor Visa for Austria?

There are some documents that are required when you are applying for a visitor in Austria –

  • Proof of Financial documents _ it could be a Bank statement, a sponsorship letter, or affidavit to support letter from the person who is sponsoring your trip to Austria.
  • Travel Itenary – it should include the purpose of your travel, A hotel reservation, or a formal letter of invitation from an Austrian resident.
  • Valid Identify proof – passport, Visa, Photographs
  • Marriage certificate Birth certificates ( wherever applicable)

What is the processing time for the Austrian Visitor Visa?

The fastest is the Type C Visa which takes around 15 to 20 days. The Austrian visitor Visa processing time can go up to 30 days, and in exceptional cases, it can take up around 60 days as well. It will depend on the number of applications received by the Austrian embassy or the uniqueness of your situation.


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