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Experienced and supportive (Posted:2 months ago)

I really like their support and services. They have done a fabulous job. They explained to me all the necessary steps and all the documents I needed for the UK visa.

- Snehal Dash

Happy! UK visa filing at Meritide Visa (Posted:4 months ago)

Good job Meritide Visa. I contacted Ms. Nisha for my UK Tier2 visa, a very professional girl who guided me in very good manners. She was patient and knowledgeable throughout the process. From the start, everything went well and she applied for my visa online. I want to thank Meritide Immigration Services again and I must recommend my friends to get their UK Visa here.

- Avdesh Suri

Highly recommended (Posted:10 months ago)

I feel good when I connected to this company. I don't know anything but they greeted me very well. Highly recommended to others.

- Rahmat Ali

Satisfied with the service of Meritide (Posted:11 months ago)

I am very satisfied with the service of Meritide, the way they are guiding me through the process and the follow up they do for getting the details, and I really appreciate the way they respond and handling the client, especially Miss Nisha who is handling my file. I have been in contact with her since 1 year. Thank you Nisha and the entire team of Meritide for the continues support, and all the very best.

- Sesha Sayee Kumar

Supportive (Posted:2 years ago)

Have a good experience with Meritide Visa. Thanks to the entire team for support throughout the process of Canada PR.

- Deepak Kushwaha

It is really appreciable (Posted:3 months ago)

We should not unnoticed their quality services. I am really satisfied with the experience with Meritide visa. Thanks for my UK visa process.

- Pooja Singh

Never Give Fake Promising Statements (Posted:10 months ago)

I applied twice for job search services through other consulting agencies but never received a proper solution. When my friend referred me to meritide advisors, though their charges are quite high competitively worth it after you receive success. Finally, I am through with the opportunity in Germany. They never give promising statements unless that really can't happen. Thanks, Meritide. As you asked me to refer my friends I will surely recommend them all.

- Mustaffa Ansari

(Posted:11 months ago)

- Anurag Ghose

(Posted:11 months ago)

- Pratap

Thanks Tanya for my visa filing to UK (Posted:3 months ago)

I would certainly recommend the name of Meritide visa for their fair and results-oriented service to their clients. The support team provides support every step of the way and provides the best consulting services. All the best.

- Aditya Nagpal

Trusted organisation for PR services (Posted:10 months ago)

I am very satisfied with the services of Meritide visa. Very trusted organisation for PR Services. I got my Australia PR recently with the help of Meritide visa. I recommend others to Meritide.

- Raghav Shinghaniya

(Posted:11 months ago)

- Jolina Pinto

(Posted:11 months ago)

- S Murugaiah Sankaran

(Posted:11 months ago)

- Meudjeukeu De Mbatkam

Professional consulting company (Posted:4 months ago)

Professional consulting company. They guided me through the process and managed it diligently. Thanks to Shipra. Excellent knowledge and very experienced. I am really happy to enroll at Meritide for my UK tier2 visa.

- Priya Tiwari

Positive Response (Posted:10 months ago)

I really appreciate and thank you so much for the team of Meritide Visa , for successful positive outcome of my WES Credential evaluation report as an equivalence to Master's Degree. My constructive and positive feedback for my case manager Mrs. Prabha Das doing best to fulfill the customer needs for obtaining the necessary documents further submission to WES. She does carry out the regular checks-in for the follow up for the required necessary documentation and With in regular conversations, discuss any problems that have recently arisen. Hope to get closer and clearing the steps for achieving a dream.

- Manoj Yadav

(Posted:11 months ago)

- Edward Vyande

(Posted:11 months ago)

- Sreenath Rayachur


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